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  1. Is it possible to fit vw 5x112 hubs to a tdi lupo? T
  2. didnt think they would be that expensive tbh lol.. looks like this one is a bargain then
  3. How much are lupo tdi's worth... Looking at one a friends selling, 2001 51 plate, red, which had been mapped, but other than that, standard. Has full service history, with cambelt change at 61k, mileage is now 80k... Has a small amount of bodywork damage, crease along the front wing and onto the door.. Really interested in it, but have no idea what they go for... as there are none for sale i can compare the price to...
  4. I didnt fit the F16 box as its a smaller ratio than the F20 and there would be no grip, as traction can be a probs when heavy footing it... As for updating the book, its more of a re-sale thing. I am insured fully on her, and the paperwork could be sent off at any time if needs be, but as the cars up for sale i cant wait 4 weeks for it to turn up. The car hit 120 in fouth and still had 5th to go.. ive been told the f20 is good for 150-155 but im not 100% sure, and to be honest my private parts arnt big enough to try it in a car that size lol. I know my coscast 2.0 16v redtop with an f16 in a classic nova hit the 144mph mark and was very close to the limit, so the f20 should be a good bit more. As for the crash test, i saw the video after we did the conversion.... lol.. although mine has a lot of extra strenghthening bars and plates welded in, and fully seam welded engine bay... I know most people hate these cars, and to be fair i did prior... but it was one of them moments where an idea turned into reality and we ended up having a go.. Its now the only one in the world, although im sure someone will have a try at copying! Must admit it wipes a lot of peoples smiles off their faces, as with it being a seicento i usually get a few chavs try to have a play in their 1.2 vauxhall corsa's.... I had it on the way to trax, some fat kids in a corsa doing the old w*nker sign out the window to me.... left my car in 5th and blew them a kiss while planting it lol.. I wouldnt get rid of it if i had any other way, but i cant afford a second car, so going back down the slow and low lupo route....
  5. Hi all.. my friend is starting up his own forum and i wondered if anyone on here would be interested in joining. Its a friendly cruise forum for the midlands & leicestershire area as theres nothing for us around here . Its free to join obviously, and hopefully we will be having a few get togethers soon. Like i said its a new site, so there are not many members as of yet... but the people who have joined so far are a friendly bunch... His site isnt to compete with this one or any others, its just something for us lot to do, as we all share the same interest. Once it gets going he will be looking for MOD's etc, so please join up and get posting!! http://www.modifiedcc.co.uk/forum Also were looking for people who can photoshop logo's etc, to make the site look a bit fresher!! Any help, or posts would be great!! Also i have linked back from his site to here, to share the love lol.
  6. I bought one of them PD tuning boxes on ebay for a laugh to see if they wouldmake any difference. I was suprised how good it is for £26 lol. It seems to make the turbo spool up at lower revs, and didnt effect my MPG, as i had it ftted for over 3000 miles, ive only removed it because the car is now up for sale. The torque is a lot more noticeable and being a self confessed older boy racer it made a huge difference off the line too. I understand a remap is the ideal as every engine is slightly different, but for £26 for the box, i know what i would choose... at least till i could afford a remap, but to be honest i was happy with the car once i fitted the box. The only probem i did have after fitting was my clutch slipped like hell the day after, but once that was replaced the car was soo much different that standard. I can honestly say, try one, you WILL be impressed, and if your not, then its only £26. Plus you can remove it in 5 mins Its one of them dont knock it till you have tried it things. I have mine if you want a cheap one, but the above isnt a sale's pitch, as im not fussed wether i sell mine or not. but like i say, its worth a try
  7. Ahh, i asked in VW but they told me they dont do kits... il try another VW garage then me thinks, cheers
  8. Any ideas where i can get a IMPUT SHAFT BEARING from? Its for my gearbox on my tdi, AMF engine with a EXB box. Other than that, does anyone know where i could get a rebuil kit from with new seals and bearings?
  9. Cheers, going to whip it all off in the week and clean out while my car is off the road. Doesnt look like a fun job though lol
  10. ah, cheers for the info. Migt just buy the bearing replacement kit and get it fitted then. Think the clutch people either dropped my box or caught the shaft funny when fitting it as it didnt go in with the noises it has now, just impossible to prove
  11. lol cheers. Ive looked at a tdi forum and it looks to be a massive thing practically on the top of my engine. Will have a look once its stopped raining outside lol
  12. Hi all.. looking to do a good service on my loop as its a high mileage TDI model. Its started to get a bit smokey recently, so i am looking into cleaning out the EGR as im assuming it has coked up a fair bit. I had a similar problem with a tdci corsa, and a clean of the inlet and egr worked wonders. Although i am struggling to find the valve in my tiny engine bay. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. Are all these gearboxes the same? im in need of a box apparently for my car (makes a hell of a noise) and cant seem to find a 1.4 TDI box for my car. I have done a search on here and came up with this ''I remember hearing once the both Sports (16v and TDi) use the same gearbox as the 5 speed GTi so I'm assuming that they are different from other models, i.e. standard 1.4 and 1.7sdi.'' Can anyone confirm that i can use a 1.4 sport or gti box on my TDI?
  14. I bought a second release bearing which they fitted (only fits one way as it clips in) and it still has the noise. I have now been advised it could be something to do with the gearbox bearings, but its odd that it only happened since they fitted the clutch... maybe they dropped the gearbox on the floor ? :S Does anyone know what gearboxes fit the 1.4 TDI or is it only the TDI box for the lupo i can use? As im scared of losing all my gears soon!
  15. Hi all.. Clutch started to slip in my TDI so i bought a complete 3 piece kit, and had it fitted yesterday. Drove the car and it seemed fine, and ended up doing a 200mile round trip for some wheels... Anyways, when putting the clutch pedal down, it felt a bit 'sandy or grindy' with a strange scraping type noise. I then noticed upon the car stationary, it would make a scrape/grind noise thats LOUDER than the diesel engine. But upon putting the clutch down to the floor, it goes away. I thought this was a problem due to the fitting of the clutch, thinking the release bearing was fitted incorrectly. Cutting a long story short, i made the garage strip it all down, and replace everything (although i supplied a new release bearing at the same time). The car still has this damn noise!!! If you move the larger gear selector on the top of the box to the point where it engages the gear, its quiet as anything, But obviously i cant adjust it like this as the cars gears will be all messed up. On idle it sounds like a big rattle come scrape come grinding noise!! The garage used ep75w-80 gearbox oil, and vw reccomends 75/90 for the lupo tdi. Is the VW oil thicker than the stuff the garage have used? I cant really adjust anything either as the clutch isn't cable operated. The car went into the garage with a slipping clutch, but NO noise's, and now its the other way around... the clutch works but sounds like a german tank Any help would be appreciated.
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