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  1. There's always been a charge on them or has been for the last 20odd years. I've bled a few through the years but not changed many seals. The nipple is rusted solid so not wasting time with it, I'll get a caliper at the local factor as it's about the same total price as the one above that Scott seemed to think was only 37 quid.
  2. Yes was 10 on eBay per side It's just human greed
  3. For a 1.4 tdi cheapest I can find refurb is 90 quid, I mean ffs for a wee thing like this. I think a front one for the 320d is cheaper, why are they so bloody expensive.
  4. Got it The nut/strut turned fine it's the torx I needed held still to loosen the nut hence an impact (which I've got) is no use.
  5. The torx bolt on the strut top, the only t45 I had (snap on) started stripping the inside. Now apart from putting heat on it but will burn the rubber, I'm buggered as to what now. I've got a Dremmel and can grind a groove but there's no way I have to strength or the good screwdriver bit on a socket to then hold it while the 21mm spanner turns the nut.
  6. No it's the sill at the back ns but the way it was worded in the fail sheet confused me
  7. What would you know without seeing it!! I sure will ; ) You're right I'm going to take it to the guy I use thing is he doesn't do welding now but will get him to see where the tester is on about. I had a look yesterday, yes there's a lot a of rust round the whole area but I could see that "Is structurally weakened". Failing that I'll go and ask the tester exactly where he means.
  8. I might scrap it as there's other stuff too... so much for getting something to be cheap to run.... I'll keep the bm.
  9. Is it a new axle then Probably will be once I look as I said I haven't yet... can they be welded or no.
  10. It was part of an mot fail i haven't had a look yet "Nearside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength" I looked inside before taking just doing my nosey and cleaning ect and the shocks top mount looked spot on, no rust nothing but that's inside. I take it it's maybe right underneath the top mount ie at or near the axle/beam?
  11. Stua9

    I'm stumped

    Spring (in the lock) is fine but how would I know if it's weak, actuator's fine to but greased it for good measure.
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