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  1. Like I said, something is probably wrong somewhere but don't know what (I really don't think it's the egr as there's lag ect) must be because it's mainly short trips but honestly expected a bit more. As I said before, my 2,0 tdi estate does more or less the same as it's the same to tax so doesn't make any sence keeping the Arosa apart from the parts are cheaper.
  2. As I said it's fine I'm not having to use more of anything it pulls clean ect from nothing right to the red. I know the symptoms of a blocked one as I've cleaned a few out through the years
  3. Nice of them to let you know isn't it
  4. Mine's 1.4 tdi but if a 2.0 tdi is getting more or less the same there's no point in keeping it as even insurance is only 30 quid between them and tax is the same.
  5. I'm rarely over 2.5, don't have vcds I don't think it's not stuck ect as I've dieses for years and cleaned them out, it pulls clean, it's really quite a torquey wee bugger.... just shite mpg for what it is.
  6. I see even after 61 views nobody's diagreeing.... the mpg for a small 1.4 tdi is shite, my 2.0 tdi Passat est does more or less the same
  7. You ask about plugs then don't answer
  8. It's right enuf with all the stop start crap I do
  9. I don't use them but according to ngk
  10. On 1.4 tdi I've noticed in the last few weeks the gauge going down quite quick in normal driving. I expected 60 plus it's had new filters air, oil, fuel and runs spot on. Tyres and brakes are also fine ie plenty tread right pressure, new front discs/ pads new o/s/f caliper no binding front or back.
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