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  1. sadly it looks a bit like a photoshoped toyota aygo and that would be very bad for vw
  2. Hi the only one I have seen is the K and N they are quite expensive maybe talk to vw and see if they can supply one
  3. The Fox is up for renewal in 2010 maybe the rear engine will be in the new fox as a diesel and a front engined tiny car (wouldn't it be good if it was a three seater two in the front and one behind in the middle) waiting to see as i will change my car in 2010 (give or take a few months)
  4. cool just remember if anything goes wrong with the stereo vw may not replace or fix it if they don't think the work has been done right. good luck keep us posted
  5. hi on closer inspection I don't have speakers in the back (i made this mistake as my last car was a fiat punto and the speakes in that have as much depth as the ones in the fox in other words they were c$%p and the fox's very good) sorry about that but my headunit dose play mp 3's sorry.
  6. my user manual says that the headunit dose play mp3's my car arrived with the speakers in. just to make sure we are talking about the same thing the rear panels next to the back seats pic 15 (see pic 15) this is were i have speakers i also have ones in the doors and tweeters in the pillers at the front or do you mean in the boot were the parcel shelf fits (if you mean here then i don't think you can get them there.
  7. I f vw are doing it for you then it is ok. but my car has rear speakers so i don't need anymore 4 and two tweeters is all good, the head unit should take it i think they will have all the connections in the back. if vw can do it then i would say just have them do it then it will be all goo. as for the thing about the wiers it is cheaper to not put them in and also it mean you have to pay more for them to be put in hope this helps
  8. Hi do you want to change the speakers you have already i have a 1.2 urban fox my care has tweeters in the front pillars an speakers in the doors and in the rear. if you are wanting to change the it will be a bitch if you want them in you boot i don't think there are any mounts also the cars stereo will lose its warranty i wanted a boom box but decided not to when vw said it would not replace the radio or other associated equipment if i put one in.
  9. The 1.2 fox is quicker than you think if you are used to a 2.0 l ford mondao you will find it is not that slow also the reason we have a 1.2 in the uk it is becaues the money grabing government what more and more money to tax and insuer cars, also the 1.2 is a good start for younger drivers as it is group 1e insurance then you get your no clames in a good car then upgrade to an even better one. as i have always said an aygo looks good but that is were the pittifully small gutless engined (65 bhp and 65 nm toque) pice of £%$" the fox 55 bhp and 105 nm toque (Have you seen the u tube film of the fox at 104 mph not the stated 93)
  10. FLO7LXJ


    You may only have a few colours to choose from I could have silver or yellow there were no more in the country. if you have options on the car it has to be ordered from the factory and as i had sold my very poor punto i needed car quick 9 days from order to collection nice O ye 13 mounths tax as well the 1.2 pulls well accelorates up hills in 4th according to the user manual it has 103 NM of touqe not the 80 that all the reviews say and because the gear box is so good it give you all the touqe and the 54 BHP (it don't feel like 54 it feels at least like the 60 of my old punto and i am not pushing it yet as it only has 55 miles on the clock) wooooooooo i am a member now as well
  11. FLO7LXJ


    There are not many offers the only things i got was three years sevicing and £100 off the price the car is in high demand and the stocks are limited as they come from brazil but when you see one in silver like mine on the road like parked 9because i cannot see mine driving because i will be in it) they look good slightly high but you over look that in about 2 seconds the speedo dash is the nuts the best thing i have seen for a long time. also yesterday i put a full set of golf clubs in the boot yes the boot because you can move the back seats back and forth how many city cars do that the windows go up and down with the key in the drives door the sterio is speed sensertive the arial is on the window not the roof it is a cool car an dof course ABOVE ALL ITS A VW
  12. FLO7LXJ


    picked it up tuseday it is just as much fun as my 1992 polo and it only has 52 miles on it it has more touqe than a punto and gose well nice car
  13. nice thanks i hove rung a few people from the pages of the yellow veriaty but they say it is too new to do anything with them at the moment and that vdub has the only equipment to coad the keys for your imobiliser on thing i did notice in the manual for the fox it tells you how to syncronise the keys i thing this is a good a time saving thing O ye the fox has lots of other bits you don't know about until you get one like you can raise and lower the windows using the key in the drivers door and the sterio that gets lowder as you accelorate and the fact that when you pull the back seats forward all the way you can fit a full sized trolly golf bag and clubs in the boot (i don't see may other city cars dooing that) .
  14. When i collected the car VW said it would be £115 to do this nice
  15. yes then you want to put a loaf of bread in the boot of an Aygo O damn i cant seem to get it in. I just put my golf cubs in the boot of my fox !! Also the gear box in the C1 (witch is the sam as th aygo) is nasty and on the motorway it is not very good at all the (chevrolet kalos is better)
  16. Yes i picked it up on tuseday nice car i had a 2000 punto befor it was s+%t compered with the fox i have found out you can get a golf bag with all the culbs in it in the boot if you slide the seats fully forward so you don't have to fold the seats down nice
  17. If you want a fox it is not much point look at the options as yes for the same money you may as well get a polo 1.2 s but they are good cars and you will be luky to get a discount as all the fox@s comming in to the country are being sold in a very short time. AS FOR THE CRASH YES IT LOOKS NASTY AND THE FOX LOOKS LIKE AN ACORDIEN BUT IT IT IS HEAD ON WITH A LORRY CAN YOU TRY THE SAME WITH A LUPO A POLO OR EVEN A GOLF AND TELL ME THAT YOU WOULD NOT GET THE SAME TYPE OF CRASH ONLY THE BOOT MAY BE LEFT WITH THE GOLF BUT YOU WOULD STILL """"""DIE""""""" THE FOX HAS 4 STARS EURO ENCAP EVEN 5 STARS MEANS NOTHING WHEN YOU HIT A LORRY HEAD ON YOU CAN SAY SOME THINGS AGAINT A FOX BUT NOT THAT rant over
  18. I don't know much but have you tryed ECU reset i think you do it by disconnecting the batery for a wile and the reconnecting (over night should do) sorry if this is a bunch of turd worth a try
  19. Quinn direct thats how i am with £919 fully comp on group 3 with 1 year ncb and pass plus also they will let you put alloys on with no extra charge nice.
  20. Like dust caps i like the new ones you can get that just spin so the s*~t heads think they are going to get them it is so funny. sounds like someone needs to make a good looking arial that dose the same that would be good
  21. They did a polo as well it was called the dune that looked the nuts bur the fox looke even better and the hight is not an issue as it looks good i would have one lookes much better the a fiat panda 4x4
  22. wow lunalupi your car is ramed that is crazy how much you can fit in how did the car behave with all that on board
  23. I thought the cross looked the best looks well beefy
  24. Hi can anyone tell me wether i can get a flip blade key to work in a fox the car comes with a standard remote looking key but i would like a flip key can it be done thanks style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":confused:" border="0" alt="confused.gif" />
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