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  1. I have a set of kw v1 coilovers for sale if you are interested. Removed from my sisters Fox.
  2. forgot to mention its for my G40..................need some help in putting down 193bhp!
  3. is it too late to jump on this group buy? can pay now!
  4. Can anyone tell me what brake disc size a 2001 Lupo 1.4TDi uses? Is it 256mm x 20?
  5. Hello Peeps My sister has recently sold her Mk4 Polo 16V and has now got a Fox Urban 1.4. As she has the modding bug (her Polo was slammed on coilovers) she has ordered some KW V1 coilovers and some BBS 17" CV alloys. These will be fitted after the new year so i'll post pics of the car after they have been fitted.
  6. Anyone know what the PCD is for the Fox, have done a search but come up with no results.
  7. My sister has got a VW Fox and we have ordered some KW coilovers and we are looking for some VW Exor 17" wheels for it, does anyone know of any that are for sale or where the best place to get them from? These are the wheels i am looking for. http://www.volkswagen-accessories.ie/lsquo...stp_alloy_wheel
  8. Black GTI with lovely wide Schmidt leaving Tescos carpark at around 11am this morning. Very nice looking GTi
  9. i am interested if you put the Lupo up for sale.
  10. sounds like the temp sender has died.
  11. we went on a day trip there when we went to Cyprus 2 yrs ago, was quite nice but seemed to me to be very 3rd world country style just like China (setting off to china in around 2hrs in fact!) so just becareful with personal belongings etc.
  12. I bought a PSP a couple of days ago as i am going to Hong Kong in the next couple of weeks so i was hoping it will keep me entertained for the 14hr flight I am wondering if games from HK will play on it and also if UMD video's from HK will play on it, anyone know this answer by any chance? Also any other tips and hints you wanna share about the psp?
  13. was in the VW dealers today and whilst i was there i looked at the fox and sat in it, seemed ok but the seats are mounted WAY too high AND whats the crack with the door cards??????????? they are utterly crap, they are more at home on a Rover City!!!!
  14. i really don't want her to get one as i think they are pretty much CRAP! but she has set her heart on one so i don't think i can get her to change her mind. as a person who had 2 polos (mk4 16v aka A 8OLO and a G40) i want her to get a Polo but she is not having any of it thanks for all the opinions and keep em coming!
  15. leather steering wheel handbrake lever gear knob
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