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  1. OK so these connectors I think they are mk5 golf connectors they fit on to This is what the panel looks like from the back as you can see there are quite a few black connectors these pull off and one slides off (hopefully you have an urban Fox with the sliding seats as you will need to move them forward and back to get the panel off). I lost at least two of these and broke the top clip at the top so the panel never fitted quite right after that, the biggest problem is at the bottom there is the biggest clip (the big bit on the panel top right this is actually at the bottom near the seat-belt when it is in the car) on the car attached to a very flimsy clip at the bottom of the trim I broke one on the install an the other on the uninstall. My speakers are 16 cm ones Kicker DS650'S they seemed a little big though but they fitted ok You also need something like these http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_162297_langId_-1_categoryId_165562 too hold them on, they do them with the screws all in one bag you need 8 in total. So in summery it will take a while it will cost quite a bit and may brake the trim in the car if your happy with that, good luck if not just turn the music up. O don't bother with the front speakers you have to remove door panels and drill out rivets and wire the speakers in as they have an even weirder shaped connector than the back ones. I tried it it took an age to put the door cards back on. Hope this helps J
  2. Hi rear speakers are a right game to install. More the fact you have to take masive trim pannles off (some people even take the back seats out). The wiring is not all there you need a connector (I think it is a mk5 golf speaker addaptor) it took me I think 2 days to fit both properly I also had to get some special screws from halfords. I think I used 17" but I am not sure I still have all the gear I used + a few pics that might help, I was going to do a how too guide but I traded in my Fox so did not bother. Hope this helps message me if you need more help (I am not with my laptop hence the no paragraph page of words iPhones arent grate for this kind of thing) J
  3. I am not sure I have seen MK6 Polo's with a color matched section, only problem is you could see it was just added in. If it was done right with welded sheet metal and blended it would look good. It would be very expensive. Maybe talk to the other Lupo owners as the may have the same problems. Good luck anyway.
  4. crist you would have thought they would have supplied the small cut out, to fill the gap in the bonnet. For that amount of £££££££££
  5. The Fox looks OK standard, hell its only a city car (have you ever driven one?) But this Fox looks really good. Photoshops only look carp when they are done by people with no clue of what they are doing, if you look in mags and books some are photoshopped, they look good because the people that do them have been trained in how to do it.
  6. It was you (donnyfox12) it's on it's way o yer it won't go though your letter box :lol: :lol:(sorry)
  7. Sorry chap someone has snapped up the audio system. I have some RCD 200 removal keys! The light protectors are still avalabule. Sorry J
  8. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250606810918 Will take any reasonable offfer http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250606820855&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT these have been in the marketplace on here but I don't think many Fox owners go in there. Thanks guys.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ yes yes
  10. Yer Halfords Tornado red is good. I would try t-cut scratch remover. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_380905_langId_-1_categoryId_165527 It works very well on scratches and some small chips it masks them so you don't notice them even when your polishing your car (that is normally when you find imperfections). Have fun good luck. J
  11. It depends were on the car they are and how big? I had 4 on my bumper £100 to fix, I got a bumper protector for about £35. Also reflex silver is very difficult to match Halfords paint is not grate.
  12. The keys are one remote one normal. The radio coad should be there if not the previouse owner or VW have keept it (however my new polo has not got one) so in 07 and before they gave you a card but after they may have dropped it. The key tag is so you can get more keys cut this should be suplyed with the car if not they can charge you for looking it up on the database, you need to get it now as they should not charge you for it. Ether the old owner or VW have still got it. I am only going on my 07 Fox. Hope it get sorted J
  13. I had them on my Fox unless VW has taken them off they will still be there.
  14. I saw some matte gray hub caps it Halfords yesterday also some two tone black a silver. I think you can do a lot with hubcaps and your insurance company can't bum hole you for changing them. If you do get some alloys I saw in this weeks Auto Express alloy gators and the protect the edge of the rim you can get them in lots of different shades.
  15. To give the Fox it's due, it is a good car for the money, you could say it was like the price of a second hand car but it was new and it is a VW. I have driven a Fiat Punto (not a bad engine) it started to fall apart , the Fox was solid. Also the best car I have driven in snow. Anyway I have moved on now. Marcusgrant is that your car outside the Megulars factory ?
  16. I got a new Polo. It's excellent but the Fox is still one of the best cars I have driven/owned.
  17. Yes "the defende of the Fox" is Foxless I got my new car yesterday. I was sad to see the Fox go, it had taken me around everywere for three years. I now have some accessorys for sale, I will put the items in the market place. Thanks for all the help I have had though the three years. Also if your in Notts and see an 07 Fox for sale with a club lupo sticker in the window it will probs be my old one.
  18. FLO7LXJ

    Tow Bar

    http://www.detachabletowbars.com/fox-2005-detachable-tow-bar.html This is like the tow bar I saw.
  19. FLO7LXJ

    Tow Bar

    I think vw do one of there own. I remember seeing a car for sale with one on, I think I remember it looked good and there was no cut out as it fitted over the bumper. What are you thinking of towing I don't think the Fox will pull a caravan, the tow bar I saw was only a one plug setup. Hope this helps J
  20. Just pull I think. They managed to take one off on Topgear.
  21. The fox is made from metal and pineapples. THE FOX WAS NEVER A REPLACEMENT FOR THE LUPO As the lupo was a Polo with no boot, the Fox is a paired down Polo (budget car). I agree with jamiea7x the first pic has been posted before about 3 years ago. The UP may have been rumored to be a Fox replacement, now it seems it will go in either under the Fox or into the new sector that cars like the Toyota IQ are in. Don't slag off the Fox as it is a good car and a very good city car.
  22. Yer you will need to speak to bluespot.co.uk as thats were I got mine from only thing is the screw holes are ont on mine as I don't need them (they are for the new wave of stereos like the rcd 210) you need a plate that dose not have those lug holes.
  23. I got them for a few quid from eBay, I think they will take the guess work out of live an neutral. Got a spare pair if someone wants them?
  24. Excelent post. I found some rear speaker cablel converters ( mk5 golf connectors ) they convert all the coulours to one black and one red. I will post a pic up when I get home. Loving your work.
  25. Sorry I can't put it up but I also can't delete this thead!!!!!!!!!
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