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  1. Hey guys, My fox is up for sale as I need something bigger. An 07 Urban 1.4 in black with alloys, 16000mls and also an installed pair of rear speakers. On the Ebay Will take £5495. Thank you!
  2. I've had my 1.4 Urban for a year and a half now and have done 15000 miles in it. Touch wood it has been as good as gold, no issues yet! It's not a bad run around but i'd prefer something in a 2.5 tdi
  3. Hey guys, I guess that we all have the same Head Unit either with or without MP3 capability? I got screwed and have the one without and I want to plug in my MP3 Player. Ebay have got something if you search for "RCD200" but they are in China!!!!!!! Anyone got something like it? Is it any good? Anyone find one for less that the price of years insurance? Robster
  4. Off to VWs when I have a moan coming on then!
  5. Mate, if you fancy it, give it a go. Every time I look at my Fox I feel let down by the way VW put it on stilts. I think the New shape Fox is so new that not many people have modded them so at least it would be quite individual. If you fancy 17s and you've got the cash, why not???? ;-)
  6. Welcome, if you have any probs let me know, be prepared that the rear speakers are not separated or boxed so they have very little bass. I haven't got round to fitting a small sub to sort that out yet as I can't find out if the standard unit has an output that can be used. Good Luck!
  7. Any one else got this problem is it just my lead foot?
  8. Declaring modifications will add a little to your insurance but as it's suspension and wheels rather than a power performance increase it probably won't be much! M insurance was £180 fully comp this year - I remember being 17 and puking at the cost of insurance!
  9. I've had my 1.4 Urban since March this year and i've done 11,500miles so far! It's not caused me any troubles and it goes ok. Could do with a freer flowing air filter and lowered and stiffer suspension for the corners but overall no complaints!
  10. Bus or no, I like the idea of not giving the government any more money in fuel tax. Drive to work, it charges itself during the day through sunlight, then drive home. I'd still need something really bad for the environment at the weekends though!
  11. Thanks for the flaming. Please check the Road Traffic Act for the legislation surrounding driving document production. My example of the 6 points issue is the current status of one officer within a regional force that I know personally. Also, a brilliant example of making police officers look bad, "I could say that I smelt drugs". I was trying to be helpful, you were simply rude.
  12. The police can pull you over at any time. The reason for that is, it is an offence for a person to not be able to produce their driving documents when requested to by a police officer. This seems to be silly as, who carries their docs in their car? If my car got nicked then the thieves have all the stuff they need to clone my car and ruin my life! Anyway, they normally give a producer which gives you seven days to show the docs at a police station. The point of it is to allow police to stop cars containing criminals. Most people aren't criminals but I can't remember the last time I heard of a drug dealer who uses public transport...... There are of course, bad police drivers but be happy, if you are a copper and you get 6 points on your licence (on or off duty - and traffic cops love to book non traffic cops) then they can lose it! This is half the amount of points that us lot can get! They also can get disciplined, suspended and docked pay! There's my bit to say!
  13. Hey mate. No special tools required for the speaker install itself. However some speaker manufacturers (I think Kenwood is one) supply a "European socket" on their speakers. I think this will allow connection straight to the socket already behind the rear panels in the Fox. This would save you the trouble I had which meant I had to patch in to the speaker cables to connect them to the speaker terminals. However, once the panels are off, it's an easy job. In Halfrauds I found extra D clips in their 'Parts' area. They always have a section which has loads of little packets of screws and things. The D clips are normally supplied with your new speakers too. Don't ask the numptys at Halfrauds anything - Or VW to be honest. No one seems to know much about the Fox at this point! If in doubt - take some photos and i'll help if I can! Rob
  14. Right, rear speakers are in! 6.5" ones are ok. You will need larger D clips than those you will probably be supplied. I needed 8x size 10 clips from Halfrauds with matching screws. As for getting the panels off. It's a bit of a ar*e no matter whether the seats are folded up or down but start near the seatbelt (front) and just start to give it a tug. Be aware of the clips at the rear end of the panel by the rear seatbelt, they are quite delicate! Install is a breeze once the panels are off, if you can get a set of speakers with the 'European' easy fit adapter, I think that may marry up to the plug on the end of the speaker wires already present in the Fox. These can be found right near the floor of the car where the other cables are. Once in, just get the panels back in place and push fit. Took me about 40 minutes all in all. The only bummer is that there is no separation of the front and rear of the speaker and so the bass isn't great. If you want that, you'll need a sub! Hope that helps! style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
  15. Very interesting stuff. I have been reading about the 'Blue Motion' models. VW are claiming that the Polo will be able to do over 70 miles to the gallon. A very impressive figure, but the Fox 1.4 i've got averages around 50 anyway! 100 miles to the gallon would be good if not sat astride a hair dryer! style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":rolleyes:" border="0" alt="rolleyes.gif" />
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