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  1. Sorry about that, I needed the money pretty quickly and it would have taken awhile to transfer the plate and I had a buyer lined up who wanted the car and plate :<
  2. Nobody here is talking about racing on public roads, we're talking about left foot breaking. Also do you think because you 'pay' to park on a public road that gives you more justification to whine about what other people do?
  3. I use left foot breaking all the time, have done for about 5 years now. It annoyed me quite abit in the Gti that you couldn't do it.
  4. I'm a complete idiot for not looking at the forum. I would of bought that for 4k (at least) no questions asked. Still miss the GTI over a year on.
  5. looks like it was overcrowded on the pics!
  6. Righhtttt, i'm sorry who are you and how do you know i'm making it up? When OMEGLE was first around it was mainly people from the UK on there and I happened to chat to a girl who lives in Manchester.....
  7. yeh it reminds me of eurotrash, my first ****s were over that
  8. I've already had sex with someone I met from Omegle! cute girl too.
  9. err err I meant lowered as in it's 'low' to be associated with porn
  10. I 'accidentilly' switched to Porn Week on Bravo the other night and noticed there was a lowered 3L on it Anyone heres? I took a piccy with my phone
  11. : ] whens the turbos coming on? : ]
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