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  1. If the Punto is modified with a body kit not may people will touch you £££££. I had a Punto and it deprecated like a stone (I saw a review of the punto and it said, the car loses more money than a christmas decoration on a boxing day sale, sadly this is true), Lupo's are on the cusp (few years) of going up in value as they are so sought after. Get rid if you can and get a standard small engine car 1.0 Lupo would be cool. Quinn Direct do good insurance, but blokes get bent over a barrel (and taken for behinde) as we are a "higher risk". Get some NCB save for somthing with a GTi badge on. O yer Lupo's are 4 star in euro encap witch is the same as the Punto
  2. VW just put whatever was to hand in each car they built them. now they've got aerials on the back, mine is down the windscreen, although I did get a quote from auto-glass for a new screen £1200 ex vat. So I got insurance that covered me so only £70 now.
  3. Thanks. Do you think I can earth mine to were my bat is earthed under the bonnet Jon
  4. OK so I want to put a small sub in the boot. I think I know where the wires will go to the HU but were do the power cables go? is there space though the bulk head for the wires, do thery go straite on the batery. My front speakers are riveted in, how do I get them out (drill ?) so I can change them back before getting rid of the car? Thanks chaps and chapets Jon
  5. Get some door cards that have switches in them from the scrappy
  6. with derv 100,000 is not much were as on a petrol car it is. I don't know why be derv's are much better at high miles. you need to find out were most of the miles have been put on, if motorway cruising miles and it has full history and it drives well on a test then go for it. If not give it a damn good test drive if your not happy with somthing walk away. I have seen many sdi's on sale recently so you will find another quite quick. Only one thing the sdi is about as powerful as the 1.0 it's got more toque though
  7. You can get a thing with two usb slots connected by an Ethernet cable but I am not sure if it will work with a hu, it only works to 1.1 speed thoughClick me
  8. Try this it's a Nottingham auto locksmith just up the road from me Blade key £7.00 free P+P
  9. I did not know there was any recalls on the Fox. I have heard a few recalls are out on the car but I have not had any letters about is and the VOSA does not even list the Fox on the web. Hope your car is back on the road soon what are you driving as a courtesy car?
  10. Out with the old and in with the new
  11. A very nice Lupo GTI in silver parked in the morrisons car park, it had club lupo stickers in the back window.
  12. You can fit rears with this connector they are for a golf mk4
  13. were did you get the vw center caps for those killer wheels, did you paint the drums yourself. Nice looking car wish mine looked like that
  14. FLO7LXJ

    My Foxx

    I put a kenwood ipod unit in my fox with this it was £21 and works well as I put a hole in the back of the self for the ipod connection so it looks pro. I got the part from here
  15. I just moved the seats back a forward to get the back panel off, my speakers cost £50 and the connectors (so i did not need to cut the wire) about £6 I fitted them my self. I have not done the front yet but if I don't do the tweeters it will be about £50 and half a day to do the job. I guess you have put better speakers in than me but i like my Kickers. I got a new head unit as well witch makes the standard front speakers better. so I guess if you put a new head unit in you will have a killer system. Doing it yourself makes you feel good and also you only have yourself to blame if you brake something.
  16. clicky Its the dogs it is a blaupunkt setup and to put my ipod in I drilled and grommeted to put the usb in. I will try and get a pic of the actual install but I am just getting over the flu followed by pneumonia
  17. On some models VW have a small box of tricks that they install, that means you just hold the button on your VW fob instead of using the key in the door. They fit them to the polo so they may do a kit for a loop.
  18. What he said. Vw's own kit or halfords if you don't want to fit it yourself. cheaper to fit your self.
  19. yes it sould ding when the door is open.
  20. I had my first service in March, the only thing is they don't do a lot. Oil + filter and top up of other liquids. I was surprised they did not go near the air filter or anything else (to my knowledge) the thing that bothered me was they did not clean the car very well. But it was free. I love the car it dose take me back to my polo. I wanted to put some alloys on the car but my insurance company won't let me (direct line I am 22 not 25). I think it would make the car even better.
  21. I am 22 but I have not see many young people driving them. As for 1.0 polo they have there place, my first car was a mk3 1992 polo 1.0 it was good to drive it was responsive and if drive right they can beat a lot of other cars. As can a 1.2 fox
  22. I think the 1.4 is not actually a lot better than the 1.2, as redfox says it has extra this that and the other. My local VW and some reviews on the fox say the 1.2 is best because it dose everything you could want it to do. So there's not much point in have a 1.4. I got an urban fox because I had electric windows in my old car and I like the extra things you get with the seats. VW gave me the metallic paint free so I took it. I have not done a big mileage in it yet but I will have owned it for 18 months in September, no major problems. I agree we are the only 3 to post on here were are all the fox owners...
  23. I know its crap but then the car is made in brazzil. I my ring VW and see what they say thanks for your help
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