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  1. The car is based in keele village In Newcastle under Lyme mate.
  2. We’ve had it on the ramp at work when we did the springs underneath and due to its age it does have rust/corrosion but the older experienced techs said it was fine just down to its age - I’ll be honest with you though I haven’t seen others to compare it too. I purchased it from a bloke in Preston and he had the car for a very long time so I think it’s spent more time here than in Scotland. He did hand over a massive folder of paper work when I bought it but I never read through it all but there was a lot of information and receipts.
  3. Apologies! I blocked it out because it was the previous owners private plate - The registration it is on now is SC03MJY
  4. does anyone know a good forum for punto owners ...... i know of the most popular one punto sports but theres hardly anything on there because the forum is down. im mainly interested in punto MK2B s which is what i have. Thanks in advance
  5. That exactly why i want a lupo im from stoke (burslem) and i dont see many lupo's around.... dont actually think iv seen one moddiefied around my way.
  6. Barnett

    Hello People

    i mite do that mate cause the punto they bought it actually quite nice looking it came with a abrath bodykit on (i think that is what its called not to sure) and as nice standard fiat alloys on its a 1.2 active sport. i probably will end up keeping in for a year due to this credit crunch theres hardly any jobs around and i left applying for college abit late so im still looking for a job so it would probably be best keep it until i get a steady cash flow and a years no claims. ill need get the locks removed as they broke in my brothers through the locked and knicked all is sound system and flip up screen stereo .... they broke into my neighbours the same way so that would be 1st on the list. but i definately want a lupo so hopefully within a year i should have a lupo
  7. Barnett

    Hello People

    Thanks For all your help ill probaly try go for the 1.4 or if that is not and option it looks like it will be a 1.0
  8. Barnett

    Hello People

    Cheers mate me dad likes the lupo so he is in favour of part exchanging the punto in for a lupo, me brothers already had two punto s and he now has a corsa so i want something different from what he has and had. i like the look of the GTI but like you say i probably wont be able insure one (havent seen many for sale either)...... By any chance can you buy a GTI front bumper as i really like the look of the front.
  9. Barnett

    Hello People

    Hello im 16 trying convince me mum to swap the punto im having for my 17 th . im grateful that they bought the punto for me about a year ago but i really want to get a lupo as i dont see many of them about around my way i havent seen one modded. but the mother thinks just because there a small car that they are not safe and if i crash it won't protect me lol ... i was just wondering if anyone knows if i could insure a GTI or if not which engine could i be insured on?
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