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  1. I don't think you will have any trouble with the colour matching. I had a new bumper on my old Arosa, it looked perfect but after 4 years the paint was turning dull. I was told it would come back perfect with some T-Cut. So to give you the best chance of a long lasting finish the VW bodyshop should be the best bet. I think the baking process at manufacture cannot be repeated after all the plastics are added. I think a modern bodyshop has a lower bake for repairs, I'm sure all VW bodyshops will be up to date and use the latest techniques. Your question for the repairer is not the colour matching but the quality of the repair.
  2. thanks john, yes i think your describing how the memory works. Tip backrest forward, then slide seat base forward for access, then back to the memory position before putting backrest upright. However this only works for my drivers seat.
  3. I was unsure as to whether VW actualy describe the easy-entry front seats as having a memory feature. But.. Page78 of the Instruction Manual states "it also replace the seat in its original position". Their grammer not mine
  4. You should take your car back to the repairers. They should easily adjust the door and there should be no charge
  5. I've just phoned the service dept. They said VW stopped providing a key code tag years ago for security reasons and the manual is generic and does'nt apply to everything. He also said they have the radio code but I should never need it. Thanks for your helpful replies Steve
  6. My new fox fuel flap is slightly out of alignment. I checked all the other fox's on the forecourt and they are all the same. As they are connected to the 'neck' as a complete unit I imagine that they could be adjusted. My old Seat Arosa had 3 fitted under warranty. They warped with age and stuck out from the bodywork. Seat eventualy made them a bit stronger and the last one was ok. The Fox flap on mine would fit perfectly with adjustment if that was possible, ie it is the correct shape. Your service was cheap, the dealer told me VW 1'st service was minimum £160. Thats why I took the 3 year service deal at £250 Steve
  7. Still exploring my new urban fox 1.2. Great car - cost the same as my 12 year old Seat Arosa 1.4 did when new, amazing really. Anyway back to the easy access sliding front seats. On mine only the drivers seat remembers its position when you slide it back and forth. Is that the same for you other urban fox owners ? Steve
  8. Thanks for your quick response, I feel happy now. Going slightly off subject again I re-read the radio manual and it says you do not have to enter the anti-theft code if the battery is disconnected or even if the radio is removed!. It says it it stored 'in the vehicle'. Presumeably it is matched to this car and is only needed in a new car. My mistake was to talk to the salesman, I will phone the service mannager on Monday to confirm the facts back here for anyone thats interested
  9. Hi everyone, just had my new urban fox delivered. The manual says I should have 2 keys and a key code tag. No tag supplied!. The dealer said vw don't include a tag for cars made outside Germany. Also no security code for the radio either. (By the way the radio has a aux in in the glove box + mp3 playback from CD which I wasn't expecting) Can any other fox owners confirm if this is correct ? Cheers and thanks in advance
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