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  1. I dont see the photoshop ? were bouts is it ?
  2. Thankyou for that! i shall go to VW and take a look, i live 2 minutes from a VW dealer so ill have a drive up and take a look. Thanks!
  3. Thankyou for your replies! I shall give that a go, ill buy some Tornado red touch up paint and apply it with a sharp cocktail stick. Thanks again.
  4. They are very small, but it is still a tiny chip, its not noticable but i thought i would touch them up anyway. My fox is tornado red so i should be able to find a close colour to match.
  5. I was just wondering what is the best way to cover up small stone chips on the paintwork ? Would a normal touch up pen work ? Cheers, James.
  6. Oh right ok, ive seen that, i personally think its terrible, dosn't look nice at all, spoils the look of the fox. Should keep the body work standard and smooth it all out, slam it and stick 15" deep dishes on it. That would look the bomb. Thats just my opinion thoe, but i recommend you go euro as that body kit is nasty.
  7. Those wheels look really nice! Once lowered and these are on your fox will look mint.
  8. Sounds really good! it will look mint. Are you going euro style with it ? what bodykit you using ?
  9. Thankyou for your help Flying_Fox! i shall do that very soon i think! What else have you done to your fox ? or planning to do ?
  10. Sounds mint! how did you do that ? did it take 5 mins ? im looking to do that to mine, and also removing the bump stripes and de-badging it.
  11. Once its lowered, which wheels will you be going for ? im curious. Are you going for euro style ? deep dish and nice and wide. Personally i would go for euro style look as it will look amazing on the Fox. Im going euro style on mine.
  12. Sounds mint mate! you no when you say de-wipered, do you mean just the rear wiper ?
  13. Yeah i got it from my local VW dealer, i was thinking the same thing aswell! but glad its fixed and working properly. Tbh i would go back to a VW Lupo or even a vaxhall corsa. But the Fox still is a good car.
  14. Yeah it is pretty serious, but ive only had the car 4 months so its still under warrenty. The driveshaft went about a month and abit ago, but it was towed to the VW garage and they had it done in a few hours, so i now have a brand new driveshaft on wich will last me ages and ages. It must of been nearly out of its working travel when they sold me the car but never told me about it. I love the Fox thoe its great. What do you think of your's ?
  15. VW Fox's are great cars! i love mine. My car is a 06 plate and its done 43000 miles, the only major thing thats gone on it since ive had the car was the drive shaft, but it was fixed and out of the VW garage in a few hours, done all under warrenty. I wouldnt change my Fox for the world, great cars!
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