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  1. Spotted today in rosegrove at around 5pm. Followed you for a bit in work van. 54 plate clean and standard looked awesome
  2. here it is back up for sale http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/lupo-gti/1070258582
  3. raven blue lupo gti with gold bbs rs on looked gorgeous think it had corsa vxr seats in too ? followed it coming out of the show aswell and it sounded pretty sweet really loud though haha private reg was l6 lup
  4. both look awesome love red gti's, sounds pretty good to but that r32 sound
  5. wow nice figures what turbo have u got on ?
  6. ahmen to that the paintwork was mint definatley saw alot of wax over the years you owned it haha shame it burnt oil for fun
  7. somewhere near stafford if i remember rightly
  8. Looks amazing there, never heard from the guy after he bought it he did say he was gonna sign up tho
  9. Lupo has gone, new owner says there gonna sign up
  10. picked up the anni yesterday, wave goodbye to the lupo today hopefully
  11. 2 grand takes it ? picking up my golf tomoro
  12. tidy looking GTi even nicer golf r32, real shitter about the engine mate
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