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  1. Thanks LR5V. I have already been in direct contact with that bay supplier and he told me he does not have a fitment for my car! I am going to have a look under the car tomorrow for the O2 sensor. Yeah, they snipped the sensor cleanly when they took the exhaust. Interesting that you sent me details about Stevens - I used to use them a lot when I had my beetle(s)! Obviously keeping up with the times and moved on to breaking new VW models. Bernd has given me a lead as well - thanks. Waiting for a response from the supplier. Otherwise I'll fall back to plan B which is the repair pip
  2. Thanks mk2, this is my expected xmas weekend project! Car is parked on the road so tricky getting under it. I have seen a repair exhaust pipe on the bay but need to check the length before I order it. I think a 40" connector pipe is about £25. LR5V - the crooks have cut off about 3 feet length from just behind the cat mounting pins, and in front of the C clamp connecting to the middle box so they must have taken an inch off there too. There is no sill damage that I could see but I will check again. The car was parked very close to the kerb, and the n/s door was roadside,
  3. Hi MK2, thanks for the information, much appreciated. Unfortunately the manual cars use a different part. I have phoned and contacted every other source who I have spotted and with no luck getting a match. Considered second hand and found a match car potentially on findapart or someone, but the problem is you don't know what you will receive, i.e. incorrect (8v engine part) , damaged, broken up, corroded. Plus I can't drive there - no cat. A bespoke system is approx. £600 (phone quote) - looks like that is the only way to keep the car alive.
  4. Ok, so just to round up a really crap year, Bad Santa and his naughty elves decided to visit my Lupo parked roadside under a light and cut the cat off. Yup. Snip snip and gone. And of course as there is an oxygen sensor behind the cat that has gone too. Two weeks on I am still looking to find a replacement part. Anybody able to help? I have dredged the Bay, ECP, GSF, walker online, BM exhausts, Autodoc, google and in desperation Amazon, but nothing. My car is the 1.4 16v AUA automatic, and is now dead. Scrapping is not an option yet, I just spent £500 approx 3 months ago on the timin
  5. Successfully sold! But sadly not via this forum. Thanks.
  6. Price drop. A really nice car. Would like it to go to a club member, but am also going to advertise it externally now.
  7. Hi all, Caught up with work and holidays so not been actively following this. The mileage is approx. 93000, I have the service pack and stamped book, quite a lot of invoices etc. I really need it to go. Please try and call me but not today - battery is dead!
  8. Hi JoeyEunos The o/s sill has been welded/replaced in 2016 (I think) after it failed the MOT. The pictures should show the bubbling on the rear offside arch but if you want I could post an additional pic. The gash in the nearside rear arch is also quite clear. Didn't have it done as I thought both sides could be painted at the same time. Or best is if you are nearby come down and see the car. Skezza - thanks for the positive comment. I have really enjoyed ownership of this little car - by far the best and dare I say it even better than my 40k Lupo. Not sure how far away you
  9. I have owned my little Arosa since 2003 and sadly time has come to pass on ownership. I have changed jobs and moved to live near where I work - I don't need a third car anymore. Will be sad to see it go. This car brought me to membership here back in the day. Make: Seat Model: Arosa MOT: 25 February 2018 (https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/) TAX: Buyer responsible Engine size: 998cc Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: 3rd owner from new. Commuter car, so low mileage which can be verified from the above MOT history link. Service pack, 2 k
  10. Having a loft clearout and came across a bundle of magazines. A quick skim and a couple of them have some write ups about Lupos, a fake Arosa Cupra and other little tidbits. If anyone is interested in these magazines and I mean all that I have, you are welcome to them. Be warned - we are talking of at least 100 odd as I also have a box with magazines from 1990 approx! 07934464058 call or text. Collection only from Herts. Will donate to charity by 1st July.
  11. A google search of 'Seat' seat proving difficult, found this instead - can't be too different. You only need to do the seat back or do as Spartan535 said. The part number MAY be 1J0881595B.
  12. The part you want is called a Bowden Cable - and there are two, one long and the other short. Check with your local VW parts department for prices and see if they can tell you which is which. One is attached to the release lever - but that means you have to remove the seat cover to access it. I believe one of the two? white clips on the cable breaks.
  13. Takes away the guess work. Look either for a label in the boot or service book for a three letter engine code eg. AVY, AHW, AXP etc. I can't see a label on the timing belt cover to check it against.
  14. Have a read of this: Oil Separator unit I would recommend that the seal on the oil filler cap is replaced too to ensure good fit as per this article.
  15. I believe I spotted the 'Pea' on Monday in Potters Bar at 07.48 am. In fact I gave him way as he waited to turn into the main Barnet road. Lowered, no rear wiper, elderly fellow (as described elsewhere) driving it, with nice wheels but sadly I can't tell you what they were, except they looked fat and shiny. I have seen the car around here before as well, so this must be a destination of choice for the driver.
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