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  1. Just wanted to say Hi.....I have been off the site and forum for quite some time. Tried my best to get back on but changed my email and hey presto I am here.... so pleased. I do see Lupos driving around still. Still have my 52 model....still going.
  2. Black Lupo spotted in the Market Square in Northampton this morning (19th Aug)....
  3. crazyLupoFilly

    Red Lupo

    I just keep spotting Lupos out and about in Northampton. A Red Lupo in St Giles at 745 pm to-day. (16th August)
  4. crazyLupoFilly


    A Yellow Lupo parked in the Derngate Northampton around 11am today 13/08 Think reg ended in NGO
  5. crazyLupoFilly


    I keep thinking my Lupo is so plain... Love the orange wheels....smashing. Love leather seats shall consider....
  6. Do explain it is like you are talking in another language .....what is stickerbombed and pisser!! Sorry....
  7. Welcome Tom. Hope you enjoy the forum and website. Filly
  8. Black Lupo spotted driving across the Queen Elanor roundabout in Northampton, Tuesday Lunchtime.
  9. Well, this is interesting! I got a quote from vw for my cam belt. They are obviously used to people rocking up with either shed loads of cash or cards. When I got there they said oh the water pump needs replacing! I said oh well I have x amount of money. When I got the car back they said cambelt done, it didn't need a water pump. I still don't know if that was because I didn't have quite enough for both to be done or it really didn't need to be done! So far so good and car still running beautifully.....
  10. I was always told 40k just changed mine at 36k
  11. Do you do the work on your Lupo or does the garage??
  12. Just over 36k . Lucky really I don't do too many miles. Trying to save the automatic gear box....so far so good. Due a service soon so hoping it will go as well as usual. Filly
  13. You can never have enough Lupo's Rich
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