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  1. stupots90

    engine rebuild

    does anyone have or know where i can get details on the specs i.e. torque of head bolts and such for the full engine rebuild of the lupo gti
  2. Few photos from people I got at dubshed
  3. really easy omp seat bases re drilled to mach seats and install
  4. It wasn’t done by me but by a friend I can ask he did a bit of wet sanding on some panels
  5. well the lotus CS's are nearly in mounted the passenger one last night just have to mount the drivers one tonight and should be good. next will be painting dash trim parts gloss black and get the door cards matching
  6. car got a good polish the other day just coming into the show season for me
  7. I know but like the new comps I’ve decided and bought recaro CS’s for it now ??? Sold the brembo set up to a guy in France
  8. i Did know you made the frames was asking for anymore pictures of them so you’re about as useful as cancer
  9. Hated it blew up one shitty drill doing it..... even though it was in its last legs
  10. Ok you offered no real help with your pikey answer cheers
  11. Thanks guys yeah I have the phone app start it up close up the unit and can air up out the car on my phone ??? Love air have a few settings low for sitting still, setting 2 for driving and three for right up
  12. Bought this a month ago standard with 150k so fat fitted it with airlift suspension and cx600 compomotive wheels did have cupra R brembos fitted with cupra R wheels but changed up a little have fitted black side repeaters black front and rear vw badges new stainless backbox red edging on grill next will be mk5 interior once I figure out the bases to fit them upload a selection of photos I have
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