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  1. Evening all, Been a member of club Lupo for a number of years, owned and sold on 2 GTI's, used as a second toy in the summer only, anyhow miss the GTI, started looking again for another, found a low mileage laser blue 55 plate with 60k, current owner seems very genuine and has owned the Lupo for past 5 years, just thought I put up a post to see if anyone has any history, or maybe used to own said car, or maybe knows of this car Any help and advice much appreciated Thanks
  2. Even the newer models , as looked at a 2010, 3 cyclinder model today ?, or does it only effect older models.. Thanks
  3. What's the model, colour engine size etc.. mileage and cost Thanks
  4. Morning, Looking to purchase a runner for work, quite fancy a Fox, possibility a Lupo.. looking at both the 1.2 & 1.4 engines getting mixed reviews on the best one to go for, not really interested in speed more reliability, was pointing towards the 1.4, also wanting at least leccy windows and central locking, which would be the urban model, can anyone give some advice on what I should be looking out for, many years ago we had a 3 cyclinder polo (53 plate ) which was a great , reliable little car, any advice appreciated ( anyone selling one ?) Thanks
  5. For sale original pair of Vw Lupo rear Cambridge lamps, both are in excellent condition, complete with bulbs. £100
  6. Car was provionally sold and was supposed to be collected today, unfortunately guy turned out to be a complete time waster ( not from forum) on the positive side my plate is on retention and the original plate is now back on the Lupo, plus new tyres fitted , rear lights replaced due to a cracked Lense, car currently in my garage and probably will remain until sold, also took some up to date photos., open to sensible offers . Thanks
  7. Update 2 new tyres fitted today, also booked into vw to have 4 wheel geometry check/adjustment on Tuesday 20th September. Thanks
  8. Hi m8 Also selling my 2002 GTI, in rare moon silver with 88k, really good condition, garaged through winter, only used in the summer months, have a look at the advert and pictures if your interested. Thanks
  9. Thanks m8 . These pics were taken last year when they were fitted, excellent car wants for nothing ,
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