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  1. TNT93

    The lupo Game

    Next task: Take a pic of your lupo/arosa from the front on full lock. Something like this
  2. TNT93

    Drivers Door Lock - Broken

    make it so the cable is looser, further towards the inside of the car
  3. TNT93

    Drivers Door Lock - Broken

    try slackening off the plastic tab thing on a wire that goes into the outside handle, had this when i repaired my door lock, works fine now
  4. TNT93

    Lupo 1.4s 1999/2000 Lambda Issue HELP!

    Just fyi I have a 1999 1.4s and it has a 4 branch manifold with no lambda, only one at the cat in the centre of the car, I also have no engine management light, this is how the early models were I believe, don't know if it helps or not. Tom
  5. TNT93

    Rieger Spoiler

    Found this, its the same pic as Pete91 posted just a bit bigger, can't find much else at all http://www.skn-tuning.de/uploads/RIEGER/00048235_Z.jpg
  6. TNT93

    New member

    Hi, Another new member here, recently bought my first car, a T reg lupo 1.4s. Its not in the best condition but for a 14 year old car it's understandable. Looking forward to being part of the club lupo community and it seems like an awesome place so far Thanks for reading, Tom
  7. TNT93

    lupo 1.4s cannot connect to ECU

    Hi, this sounds similar to the problem i had recenly, worked with them all except engine, i was getting 'can't sync baud rate' error and this link fixed my issue http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=153789 Dont know if it will help but worth a try I guess This may also help aswell http://uk-mkivs.net/forums/p/335796/2663239.aspx Tom

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