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  1. Well done mate they just had to give one to you the car was truly stunning, loved the the mown grass like hovering in the footwells! Car was crazy clean! Nath
  2. Hi, Just popped on to say it was cool seeing some of you, the stand was looking great! Nice to meet little greena nd see his crazy ride Ryan you loop was looking awesome you really set the standard with your attention to detail! Nath
  3. v3rmin

    BBS RM's

    GUTTED!!! hope it gets sorted mate
  4. v3rmin

    BBS RM's

    thats wideeee! 9's are gona be too much i think it will lose the stance. I would just make the 9's 7.5 and then run 7.5 up front and 8 out back
  5. v3rmin

    BBS RM's

    From memory it's ET33, that's with a standard 0.5" dish
  6. v3rmin

    BBS RM's

    i had 7.5's on mine and they rubbed would probly been ok with better bump stops, i think 8's on the rear would be fine but 9's doubtful
  7. ok thanks guys i have been offered a trial fitting so it should be cool
  8. Hi guys just bought my VR to replace the lupo tother week and i am looking at some wheels. BBS RS they were 7" ET35 previously and the owner now says they are 8" with an offset of ET25 but an inch is 25.4 so shouldn't it be ET10 with the additional inch? Also it has 17mm adaptors so i make the total ET-7. Am i right? Here's a pic of my vr anyway lol
  9. MK4 20vt, really want amk5 but it money innit
  10. There will be two next month it will be up on vagwales once they have decided. Mine is sold now mate but Mat has it from the club so no doubt you will see it at the meets.
  11. Yea he does and he used to work at my place!! Crazy beetle Nick, get that lupo fabricated too
  12. Damn right, you should have heard the turbo'ed VR6 YARRRRRR!
  13. v3rmin

    Big Brother!

    Consider your career over
  14. v3rmin

    Big Brother!

    thems fighting words i tell ya!
  15. v3rmin

    Big Brother!

    also Be ready, remember I told you! That's pretty threatening in my book
  16. my uncle has a 172 and it is a very quick car but i found it to be souless and the interior is just plain bad. I love the loop and if i did'nt have to sell i would keep it for a long, long time. It seems as though you have made your mind up already but each to their own, maybe it just isn't for you. Good luck with whichever decision you make mate! Nath
  17. v3rmin


    i feel slightly distempered at this post, i think i am going to sit down with a coffee and have a moan about current affairs to my fiancee.
  18. I'm selling the loop for a 20vT this month, need the space. I think they can look great with just the right look. I do like a bit of us stylee mixed with a euro look.
  19. tidy motor Edit to say; US rear lights, anni head lights, painted grill, lupo wing mirrors and aero wipers on top of that heartagram
  20. saw this at All Types very cool
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