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    08 1.9 TDI A3 00 1.4 S Lupo, just bought 1964 6" roof chop 4" chanel beetle volksrod
  1. Hi does anyone know the thread sizes of the lambda sensor, I am about to purchase a manifold without the mounting in it, you can buy the bosses off ebay but all you need to do is get a nut of the correct size and weld it on, I doubt this will cost £6 + lol, but Im not 100% sure of the size, cheers
  2. Bell mouth makes a massive difference to standard this has to be done if you havnt already done it, and as niche points out definately put the breather back into the induction somehow it stinks big time
  3. So did anyone fit one yet? On the Regal site it only lists Mk1,2,3 and not the lupe these look pretty universal though?
  4. Lupo D Nessun problema dude Well thought out Niche fits perfectly, I may do the same with the breather as Ive noticed more petrol fumes than before with it, maybe coincidence
  5. About £30 - £35 if I could get a few people interested, I know it sounds a lot but I machined it out of solid billet ali, the back end is 70mm for the hose but I can do this any size
  6. *** Update *** Now made a bell mouth at work out of billet ali and fitted see pics below, ill report on how it performs I got a 1mtr 70mm hose off ebay for £16 and fits perfectly I can make some more of these if wanted if I can get 5 orders it will be worth it
  7. Lol I didnt know there was three of you
  8. retronick Do you have a silver RS beetle and you brother works in assembly used to have a Type 3 Varient? If so I used to be in alltypes, had a mint orange GT beetle with 2litre engine and a knarly blue 71 with stinger and supercharged 1500 GTI T yeah I know deeside college used to work up the road in queensferry next to the ice rink you from round there? Nath what you getting next?
  9. Looks good, is the front badge the same as a MK4 golf?
  10. Yeah i do, whats your ride so I can look out for you Still not seen yours yet Nath whens the next meet? Roof chopped Lupo anyone got a spare roof lying around
  11. Hi all im Nick from North Wales heres some pics of my rides and current ongoing project Lupo 1.4S 16V bought two weeks ago 37K miles now on coilovers and running BMC induction, soon to have exhaust and manifold, remap and 20 shots of nitrous lol 1964 Volksrod (Beetle hotrod) ALL BUILT NOT BOUGHT! Its had a 6 1/2 roof chop and im currently finishing off a 4 1/2 inch channel which very basically is chopping 4 1/2 inches from around the bottom of the car, 1 inch from the floorpans and 3 1/2 inches by removing the heater channels (or sills on modern cars) and replacing with 8mm thick flat steel then modifying the front bulkhead and raising the boot floor, the bootfloor is also raised a further 3 inches so I can mount the gearbox 3 inches higher, thus lowering it 3 inches naturally then im going to slam the rear a further 5 inches. The front suspension is going to be classic hotrod Ford 1930 iBeam drilled to save weight and dropped a further 3 inches, the mounting lowers the front 4 inches then the spindles im machining will lower it a further 2 1/2 inches, so imagine the front bonnet of a beetle with the lower front panel removed, the bonnet will sit 1 inch from the floor but all the suspension will be pretty much riding like normal. The roof will be about belly button height so nice and low! Ive also tubbed the rear arches so i can fit massive rubber out back classic wide crossplies, while having plenty of clearence. The engine is going to be a beetle engine but 2.3 litre with a supercharger mounted on top, the scoop will sit just above roof height at the back so should look and sound hard as nails. Im aiming for 11 sec 1/4 miles with it, my last beetle ran a 10.1 sec 1/4 with turbo and nitrous (the lupe will be getting a dose of the old laughing gas when i get rount to it lol) I was awarded 'Crazy lovely person of the month' on the US volksrods site www.volksrods.com where they pick the best project, im the first and only one in the UK to gain this award, well chuffed And this is what roughly it will look like But at a bit higher than this height
  12. Now push the silicon hose onto the reducer, it dosent need a jubilee clip (Put the big blue hose onto the black plastic ring that makes the hose fit the accelerator body) a ) cause only two are supplied and (Only 2 big round clips are in the kit) Solo 2 grandi clip sono tornata nel kit B ) you might overtighten the clip and break the reducer, it is a real tight fit and dosent leak. (If you use a big round clip it may break the plastic reducer) Se si utilizza una grande rotonda clip può rompere il riduttore di plastica NOW FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT CHECK THE THROTTLE CABLE CAM DOSENT FOUL or you will either not gain full throttle or the throttle could stick open and have disasterous results YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. So adjust the height accordingly (Make sure the bottom of the big blue hose does not touch the round bit where the accelerator cable goes round. It will stop the accelerator opening or make it stay open) Assicurarsi che il fondo del tubo Big Blue non tocca il turno bit in cui l'acceleratore cavo va round. Si fermerà l'acceleratore di apertura o di renderlo rimangono aperti Speranza che questo aiuti Lupo Milano
  13. Nice one mate What exhaust system are you running
  14. veedub1955

    Front splitters

    Goto your local Seat dealer the part number is 1ML 805 903 for £19.50 including vat
  15. Been to VW today to get pedal box, £33 including 2 x sheer bolts this is waht it looks like:- Ill post a how to when its fitted, looks a bit tight up there!
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