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  1. No not really, its difficult to explain as I'm not an expert, but the guides on that link I posted explains it all. I learnt everything I needed to know from that one site This page explains part of it. Too LittlePower
  2. No. To increase the volume a speaker can produce you can either double the power (this in theory will give you +3db), or double the number of speaker (again, should give +3db) Its about getting the cleanest possible signal. The more power an amp produces the more heat is generated when the signal is 'dirty' A clean (unclipped) signal from a high powered amp is better for a speaker than a dirty (clipped) signal from an under powered amp. I always go for more power than needed. But the more power you have, the greater risk of damaging a speaker as the heat will generate more quickly. I'd suggest doing a little research into the basics of audio before spending any money This, is a good place to start http://www.bcae1.com/
  3. Been a lot going on in real life, I've not had any free time to spend on anything other than the family and Black Ops. What have I missed?
  4. 1. Its a Lupo GTI Turbo 2. Correct lol
  5. Charming, I've done nothing all year and I only get three votes!
  6. You really should remove the battery lead, yes dude. Just follow the guys and you can't go wrong. Just disconnect the battery before you start.
  7. Wow, is there no one to give any advice anymore? The amp rating (ie. 100wrms) is the continuos power supply the amp is rated at. You wouldn't be getting that amount of power most of the time. I ran 400wrms through each channel through a pair of 40wrms speakers with a clean signal with out breaking anything. There are loads of loads of posts with the answer, just sorry I can't be arsed to search for them anymore
  8. I think I remember this from Edition a couple of years back, did it get painted for your girlfriend/by your boyfriend? I think I have a photo some where, looked great on the field in the sun shine.
  9. [quote name=one litre wonder ' timestamp='1295883688' post='884741] oh my god! andi! its getting there, will she be driving for E38 this year? a full 4 years ahead of schedule?
  10. Hahaha it's nearly there! Edition 11. Or perhaps 14.
  11. I think it's a standard oil pump, but I'll did out for you. Little video, filmed during an all night out door subframe replacement last weeken.
  12. In practice its not as easy as the theory unfortunately but in essence you are replacing the single butterfly valve with four individual butterfly valves. This not only allows more airflow (and as such, fuel quantity) but also allows greater control for each cylinder. Plus it makes lots of nice noises lol First few years of the tread contains the throttle body info I picked up Lupo GTI Turbo conversion
  13. Video above Defenatly speak to Badger5, but not about direct to head kits. You can't go direct to head on a GTI engine. The port spacings are 40mm-30mm-40mm, you either need to use an manifold or make something like the below, the ports need to be tampered out from 30mm to 40mm spacing for the centre two ports.
  14. Mitchell if you have visited this page i need to know why

    Was curious why you and Casper had an '*' next to your names lol

  15. Mate, this thread was the most boring un-useful thread I have ever come across and almost deleted till I saw your post. Best post of 2010 for me.
  16. How nice is the smell of the machine oil? Good look with the fitment, hope you all let us know how they perform, I'm sure Quaife would appreciate some reviews. Long job, thank feck it's over with!
  17. oops, wrong thread lol I've used Lupo GTI hubs, Lupo GTI carriers and Calipers. mk2 GTI carriers work fine, but the calipers have a different brake pipe fitment and the mk2 brake lines are too short so custom pipes are needed (not expensive)
  18. Cheers dude :-)

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