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  1. That's very cheap in my opinion for a GTI wheel in good condition! Bare in mind matey, as far as I'm aware there are laws that prevent you posting airbags via standard postal service, I'd look into it before sending it . . .
  2. No offers?? I've had them valued online and they're both worth at least £400 according to the site I used. The site will pay me £400 for each one once they're sold, and that's after they've taken their profit! . . . so god know's what they would be selling them for . . . if someone's willing to buy them straight up, I'd rather do that than go through one of these sites and wait for months before they sell. Gimme a shout if anyone is interested. Good thing about these plates is, they don't necessarily spell a name, so can be used by everyone. Both plates are on retention documents too, so no fuss when putting them onto your car. The £80 assignment fee for each plate has already been paid by myself. Cheers!
  3. Hey folks, both myself and my girlfriend are selling our private plates if anyone is interested? . . . My plate reads - R44AAT (RAT . . . Or whatever you want it to say really!) I bought it as I kept buying black cars and thought it would look superb! Girlfriends plate reads - H3YLL (HELL, HAYLEY, etc . . .) I've had several offers for my plate over the years for £500+, but we're looking for offers over £400 (each plate) to see how things go. Here are some pics below . . .
  4. Sold folks! Thanks for all the help over the past several months. No doubt I'll be back behind the wheel of another Lupo before long, once my circumstances change! Andy.
  5. Ok, I'm sick of people taking the p*ss with this sale. Still no one has came out to see it and all I've had is silly offers from chancers . . . it doesn't help either when people don't reply to emails and leave you hanging on! Anyway, Due to receiving various offers and having certain 'so called' buyers waste my time, I've decided to lower the asking price for the car alone from £3350 to £3195 ono, as it does have to go sooner rather than later. If you require the stereo and number plate, just drop me a PM and we should be able to come to some arrangement. Please bare in mind, I've had the car itself valued at anywhere up to £4k taking into consideration the low mileage and FSH, etc. Cheers folks.
  6. BUMP!!!! Come on folks, come and have a look at it at least! There must be someone out there in the market for a tidy little low mileage GTI, surely??
  7. Nope, still for sale, still no views . . . just sitting there waiting to go to a good home!
  8. Bump! Can't believe no one has actually been out to view this yet . . . I've had tons of people enquiring about it though and there have been a few people wasting my time (as usual with these things) . . . Remember, I am open to sensible offers on it, either with or without the number plate and/or stereo. Gimme a shout if anyone is genuinely interested and feel free to come and actually view it too, it always helps! Cheers, Andy.
  9. Replied to you mate in the for sale section. I remember seeing your van now, give me a toot next time you see me!
  10. I do recall seeing the red van in my mirrors now . . . hard to forget now you mention it! Aye, nice vans those, was looking at something similar myself a while back for the band.
  11. Cheers matey, still no takers if anyone is interested . . . plenty of people willing to waste my time though! Was that you in the silver Golf by any chance mate?? Just noticed you at the last minute, I had my mate beside me rattling my ears with his boring conversation! Nice car if it was you.
  12. Ok folks, I've had quite a few questions on this, including a few requests for interior pics. Here they are below . . . Notice the door handles have been refurbed - no more peeling!
  13. brabus4

    lupo gti

    Just noticed your post mate, you've probably seen mine in the for sale section . . . doesn't have ac unfortunately, but does have 45k miles and looking for offers below £3350. I only live next to Cramlington too, so it's very convenient for viewing if you wish! It's a standard car mate and I'm open to offers, so if your interested, just gimme a shout. Cheers.
  14. Ok folks, I am open to offers on the GTI as it really does have to go. I'm getting pretty sick of receiving daft questions and silly offers on it (not from this site), so as I need the cash asap, I'm willing to accept a sensible offer on it. As I mentioned before, I won't let it go for silly money, I have had an offer which I can fall back on if necessary (a little lower than I want), but I want to get as close to the asking price as possible obviously. PM me if your interested anyone, this is a very cheap GTI and a great car for the money, as a few people on here have already vouched for! Where else are you going to get a GTI in great condition with only 45k on the clock for just over £3k? . . .
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