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    Vw lupo 1.0 e 2004
  1. Joenoone96

    1.4tdi styling

    Just bought another lupo, does anyone know where I can get a gti spoiler and a sport rear bumper? Also if anyone has Cambridge lights for sale that would be good too?
  2. Joenoone96

    FK springs or JOM springs

    I've got jom and they are good, never used fk. I havnt heard a bad word about jom's all my mates have them and recommended them to me
  3. Joenoone96

    Stretch help please!!

    Yeah I know what you mean, has anyone had any problems running this setup? And also will it go in the arches as I haven't had the tyres fitted yet. Anyone currently using this set up??
  4. Joenoone96

    Stretch help please!!

    Is it safe to have nankang ns-2 165/50/15 on a 15x7 rs replica wheel? Also on the back I have kumho kh17 175/50/15 on a 15x8 rs rep? Is this safe??? Please help
  5. Joenoone96

    Hid lights help

    I'm looking to buy hid's but I don't know if my lupo has a canbus system, it's a 1.0 e 2004. Anyone know?
  6. Joenoone96

    How much stretch?

    Hi I just bought 15" bbs rs, I'm just wondering what size tyres people recommend? They are staggered 7J and 8J, also pictures would be a great help. Thanks joe
  7. Joenoone96

    Help please

    Has anyone got any pictures of a black lupo on white bbs rs's? I have looked on the picture thread but can't find any! Thinking of getting them but not sure if it will look right? Thanks joe:)
  8. Joenoone96

    Definitive Coilover Thread

    Are JOM coilover any good? Anyone used them? Got a £200 budget or can anyone recogmend better ones in this price range?
  9. Joenoone96

    Help with wheels

    Anyone got pictures of theirs??
  10. Joenoone96

    Help with wheels

    Can anyone help me on what wheels to get? Ive ordered JOM coilovers, and now have the cash for wheels, I have £500 to spend, help! And if anyone has pictures please post them, thanks:)
  11. Joenoone96

    How to fit drink holder

    my coin try won't seem to budge, won't come out
  12. Joenoone96

    Need help!!

    yeah at the front, would a 3l front end fit on a 1.4 durv?
  13. Joenoone96

    How to fit drink holder

    I only have one drink holder, would It be much work to fit another?
  14. Joenoone96

    Need help!!

    I've seen a lot of people with the square indicators, how do you get these?
  15. Joenoone96

    Lupo tdi for sale

    Any tdi's for sale? Under 75000 miles and &3500 maximum price? Help!!!!

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