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  1. Sounds like a pain! Looks good though ?
  2. The clock should work I thought?
  3. Basically one of my front ABS sensors needs replacing, vagcom says right side, does this mean drivers side? Ie does vagcom look at it from you being sat in the car or looking at it? Thanks!
  4. That radio doesn't support iPods or iPhones, mate has the same one.
  5. Everything seems to be going quiet regarding this
  6. Hi guys, Bought a Lupo Sport on 1st April this year, on the cars birthday. It's in a bit of a state at the moment and I've only started getting it roadworthy within the last couple of weeks as I bought in a bit of a state, but at the same time is was a very good price! Here's my old Lupo, not long before someone wrote her off and she got sold Anyways, this is my new car: It's got 76,000 miles on the clock, aircon, full heated leather, VW CD player, VMAXX coils and by the looks of it it's had the gearbox swapped out for the 75hp version, to which I'm actually quite happy about! It's been sat for two years which is why it was mega cheap, but for its spec, colour and mileage, I'd much rather save it than strip it (my original plans). Anyway, it needs at least the following before it can even think about an MOT: -Windscreen -All new discs and pads -Both handbrake cables -Alternator -Wipers -ABS sensor Those are the only things that seem to stand out, but once it is roadworthy, hopefully I can get the following done: -Full service -Timing belt -Fit GTI Xenons -Fit GTI headlining and mirrors -Clutch -Full polish and touchup (hopefully gonna try save for a full respray) -Smoothed front bumper -Pressed plates -Tyres for the BBS RWs -Refurb the coils as they're completely seized -Hammerite all the suspension components and some bits underneath (shed loads of surface rust) -Find a spoiler -Buy some Cambridge lights -Momo wheel -Steam clean the engine bay ANYWAY, here's some of the progress pics from the last week since we've started work: Replaced the front discs and pads and bought an orignal VW grill and badge (had an FK badgeless grill and half moon) Rusty front discs and suspension bits The back discs and showing a photo of how goosed they actually were. Anyway, that's it for now. I'll try keep this updated, but there should be a lot of work on it this week as it needs to go for an MOT within the next week!
  7. It's an imported Lupo 3L (1.2 TDI, 90MPG), so it has very low emissions and qualifies for the free tax in the UK. Some more info on it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Lupo#Lupo_3L
  8. Keep it! Can't see it depreciating and it genuinely is a rare and somewhat iconic car!
  9. My MPG on my 1.0 was 39MPG. £35 it cost time to fill up at around £1.27 a litre and got 240 miles from the tank.
  10. Aren't you suppose to take the axle stands out of the box?
  11. Try record the noise and post it up? My gearbox went without much notice, started whining on the motorway, I knew what was coming, few minutes later, dead. If it is the gearbox and it does good it should be able to see you home with a lot of swearing, smells and noise! Haha
  12. Car has no MOT and you need to be insured 28 days before I can claim, works out as a lot more of a hassle. Just been told he was going off part numbers too, not general VAG knowledge, I would've thought the part numbers would've definitely been different due to the branding on them? Help is greatly appreciated!
  13. My windscreen on my Lupo sport is very badly damaged, the car is currently off the road so going through insurance isn't a possibility. Will the MK1 Arosa screen fit a Lupo fine? I bought the glass at a bargain price, but according to the windscreen fitter I've asked to fit it, that it's slightly different. Wondering if anyone can back me up here before I tell him he's wrong and risk it?
  14. Any particular reason why? If you wanna go for a bit more speed, you can pick up GTI and sport engines fairly cheap now.
  15. Good progress , but a wise word: declare your mods or don't let other people know they aren't declared, effectively voids your insurance blahblahblah
  16. Even if you're claiming against somebody else's insurance and they're 100% liable, you still have to declare it, it's all on a database. No matter what incidents you have while driving, you always have to report them to your insurance, if you don't, essentially your whole policy is void and a waste of money.
  17. Not sure if I'd get enough for it breaking, plus I've had a really good price for the front panels, so I'll probably buy it back and fix it. I'd hate to see another Lupo in the scrapper! As much as I'd like the money, I can't
  18. No to DTM mirrors, just get a drivers side stubby? And the boots look good debadged on these too.
  19. Surprisingly not! I got rid of the 3L front in favour of a very cheap 16v, plan was to sell the red one to fund the black one, but now it's all pear shaped!
  20. So far the insurance are going to write it off, with the option for me to buy it back
  21. So, took the car to Liverpool on Sunday for a drive as it was getting sold on the Monday, Took a few pics, then on the way home, this happened: Somebody looked at the wrong light and pulled out on me on the East Lancs, must have hit around 30mph...
  22. £450? Bargain really, especially seeing as they're oof 12yan's Lupo! Must be immaculate.
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