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  1. electricracer


    if you still have the bonnet and its not too bad (repairable) im interested sent you message with my email
  2. electricracer

    Lupo 3L 1.2 TDI ABS problem - help

    i would put money on the fact that not one of the current mechanics working at the main dealer have ever worked on an A2,(and definitely not a 3L !!) main dealers have a large turn over of staff and as a result all the staff trained on the older stuff will have left and gone somewhere else in the trade, usually the good independant garages, personally i wouldnt send an older car (4 years +) into a main dealers you will pay over the odds and possibly have someone working on your car who has never worked on one before. its your choice but as they didnt fit the parts properly that should ring alarm bells.
  3. electricracer

    My Lupo!

    welcome, if you want your radio to actually work the only stubby aerial to go for is the polo one, all the other ones are a bit rubbish. i work over on the buisness park so give me a shout if you need any advice
  4. electricracer

    Anyone have pics of a fitted whiteline rear arb.

    Google is your friend http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y135/jabbasport/Lupo-ARB.jpg
  5. if you have the cambelt done they should only charge for parts for the fan belt as you have to take it off anyway to do cambelt, about £10-£15, £300 for a cambelt is steep but you need to know exactly what your paying for ,if its a vw specialist then they should do the water pump and tensioners as well as the cambelt, these do need doing as they can only be done with a cambelt change. if the garage is just doing belt nothing else your being ripped off.
  6. electricracer

    Dipstick level - Help!

    always check the oil when the car is cold and on a flat surface, normally the amount from the min to the max is 1 litre
  7. electricracer

    Craigs Black 1.4s! | UD Prep!

    love your car mines black too but nowhere as clean as yours quick question do you still have the old fogs? need a pass side one for mine (big hole)
  8. electricracer

    Polycarbonate window kit ??

    i assume your not going to use them on the road? they get scratched quite easily. had plastic windows in my mk1 golf track day car ,made them myself cost more than that for just sheets so seem good price
  9. electricracer

    mot faqs

    all depends on garage some can be funny, (but shouldn't turn business away) exhaust blowing is a fail
  10. electricracer

    black gti m6 heading north y plate

    looked a bit dirty but tidy, stood out from the crowd, but not quite as much as the lotus carlton that passed me just before the lupo
  11. electricracer

    Flip key

    Just done mine and it cost about 25 quid, go on ebay and buy a second hand flip key, either 2 or 3 button , it has been said that the three button can be activated for the boot on the gti udsing vagcom. I paid less than a tenner for a mint three button one, use the key programming method and it should then work the central locking, go back on ebay and find the guy that cuts new flip key blanks , cost about 15 quid, then carefully take key apart fit new blade, then very carefully strip your old key and remove the transponder chip, looks like a grain of rice, and fit in new flip key. Car will now unlock and run with new key
  12. electricracer

    Sounding like A fool here but

    as silver said if you buy new mounts you wont need spring compressors, you only need them for stripping the front struts to reuse the top mounts, and its cheaper to buy 2 top mounts than to buy a set of compressors. and you can assemble the coilovers without them
  13. electricracer


    as long as you have two wing mirrors you can block the whole window out and it will still pass, after all thats all a van is,
  14. electricracer

    Lupo GTi Airbag Warning Light

    how about one from a 2001 lupo gti, that will fit
  15. if you have a misfire it will fail on emissions its chucking unburnt fuel through usual checks leads, injectors etc you need to sort or it will kill your cat

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