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  1. Anyone know where this lupo gti is Reg sb53mxx
  2. only just came back online today as i decided to to buy a vx220 in the near future and the lupo just isnt being used anyways it turnt out to be the ashley manifold so i took it off and put it back to standard and the car now drives even better then before! and it passed its emmisions perfectly!
  3. Nope not had any lights flash up on the dashboard Plugged vagcom in and it just says misfire cylinder 1 Sadly I don't have a print out of the emissions I was getting from the mot In my opinion magnaflow have always been brilliant Iv ordered another coilpack and set of leads will get another set of sparkies and see if it cures the problem
  4. My lupo gti failed its mot today due to very high emissions There where three emissions tests and mine failed all 3 Iv cleaned the throttle body Ran injector cleaner through Cars always From NEW always had shell Vpower Full service Oil catch tank Cleaned the breather pipes New lambda Gave it a good run before mot I do have a Ashley manifold - 200 cell magnaflow cat and janspeed back box all of which are a few months old However when I plug it into vagcom I get misfire on cylinder 1 why could this be!
  5. yep i dont have a passengeside one as i have a new caliper...... squeals loads need a new one!
  6. Looked fantastic was lowered with lads in the car
  7. Looked fantastic was lowered with lads in the car
  8. cleared the code and im sure i done the correct sensor i replaced the pre cat lambda which is the bank 1 i believe
  9. Had the engine light come on a couple of months ago so I plugged it into vagcom which came up error bank 1 oxygen sensor 16514 So as I had the car on the ramp I replaced the full exhaust system with a Ashley 4-1 magnaflow 200 cell cat and handlers back box but standard mid silencer I also fitted a new bank 1 sensor! The light dissapeared and iv since done 40 miles and the lights come back and it's the same error!! Why could this be!!
  10. I fitted a raceland 4-1 into my lupo gti I fitted a bolt on flexi and bent the pipe across that touches the sump! And extended the lambada I took it out for its first run and it sounds like its blowing but I can find where!! My exhaust now pops loads!! Is that common??
  11. Turned out to be dirt surfaces between making them click
  12. Yeah spacers bolts to hub then wheel bolts to spacer all is tightened up really tight!!!
  13. I fitted some delta mics to my lupo gti 15mm and after about ten mins of driving it sounded like my wheel nuts where loose! Checked them and there tight!
  14. Lupo gti 2003 tried to get video it's not noticeable
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