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  1. Hi from England I had exactly the same problem the bush shattered into bits x I got a new bush with the same dimensions from ebay and used a set up of tightening a set up of bolts to push it down into place because it was a really tight fit since then have had no problem x
  2. Hi mickster that yellow one was the window cleaners car 😁. I don’t think it’s on the road now. I’m in patcham as well mine is in the garage most of the time in the summer and I use my beetle mostly it’s a cabriolet mellow yellow not bright yellow number plate YLO4 FUN if you see me give me a toot you will know it’s me whichever I’m driving I’ve seen yours parked , I clocked it as there are not many about now x
  3. I will be 21 next year and I just wanted to thank everyone in this group who has helped so much to keep me on the road 👏x happy Christmas x
  4. Thanks y2acp I decided to keep luppy going even when the garage and vw weren’t any help thanks to help on here from mk2 ,shezza and everyone I had the confidence to tackle the last problem which was replacing the clock spring ! Airbag off steering wheel off 😂. The biggest problem really is that all the switches and sensors start to go because the plastic gets brittle x but I always seem to be able to get bits on eBay thanks to the fact that polo parts fit x I hope you are enjoying your lupo x we used to have a few driving around here in Brighton a couple of bright yellow ones but over the last couple of years they have all disappeared.... I’m the only one now x
  5. Hi guys mk2 etc. luppy hit 20 years old passed delayed mot no problems x I just wanted to thank all you guys over the years for all all your help and knowledge to keep my baby on the road xx
  6. Omg you have got a beauty there and with the blue seats !! I was only commenting the other day I haven’t seen the blue or red for years x sorry I get a bit geeky about the early ones having a yellow one myself w reg. I think that it is the coolant temperature sensor from what you say and I have to tell you that even though he hasn’t done many miles and therefore the engine should be sound ,providing the oil was always topped up ,unfortunately the main problem I have experienced is that the sensors and switches do fail basically because of age. Wether it’s because of plastic going brittle or electric failure my first instinct if something goes wrong would be to do with sensor or switch.. I am so glad you have found our site and I think we collectively will always be there to help you whatever the problem xx please keep in touch and let us know how it’s going
  7. lindylou

    Epc light

    E p c stands for electronic pedal control warning light. Lots of others have thought it was something to do with the engine but it it a sensor with a spring which gets move d with the brake pedal sometimes it gets stuck it controls the brake light ...if the epc light is on then your brake lights aren’t working . Fix the spring by wiggling A bit until they come back on x
  8. Just a thought as well does it have a service history it might just need a blooming good service if the air filter hasn’t been changed that can send in some right nasty smells through the heater system x
  9. I to would love to see some photos inside and out what a lovely find to get such an oldy xx
  10. Would we all make it without breakdowns 😂😂x
  11. I know what your saying mk 2 about bunging in a stop leak fluid which is a really good move if the leak is tiny and is not in any of the pipes x I agree that the use of the scanner can help with fault codes and that is most definitely a first move x as suggested you can get a scanner really cheaply from eBay x but I’m still going with the coolant temperature sensor to start with I’ve had to change mine twice and it defo affects the smooth running of the engine as you say the ecu tries to compensate but can’t and it doesn’t show up as a fault on the ecu reader x
  12. Where is thatdanno I don’t mind traveling but would like it if other lupos where there x I am in Brighton and I know there’s usually a vw event on the sea front here in October
  13. If it’s not the coolant temperature sensor none of the other parts of the coolant system would affect the functioning of the engine ie irratic revs and would only show overheating x
  14. After looking at coolant system which will defo sort out loosing fluid and needs to be addressed if fault has not cleared the only other suggestion I would have re irrational revs and non starting would be potentiometer info here
  15. Basically whole system involves filler bottle ,leak could come from here, fluid goes into engine system so moves through temperature coolant sensor and into radiator pumped round by water pump and through heating matrix as well as being allowed into system by thermostat see the right up here
  16. Yes if your heater matrix is leaking under main central console that could be where leak is if you need to replace this I have done this before and it is also not a hard repair to do
  17. Wanted to know if anyone has been showing their lupos at vw gatherings and is it something I can join in with x
  18. Best advice I can give if you want to work on your car yourself is to get a Haynes manual they don’t do one for a lupo so you have to buy one for vw polo they are the same and buy a cheap vag scanner vag305 obd11 connector on eBay think I paid about 15 quid for mine and it is basically the same as the scanners they use in the garage good luck let us know how you get on x
  19. Hmm thinking coolant temperature sensor which can cause uneven revs ,and won’t let engine start from hot , easy fix but losing fluid defo sounds like a leak in the system somewhere new sensor only costs pennies is really easy to fit so that’s where I would start it may also be allowing fluid to seep out if it’s loose x
  20. Oprn had no idea you were in Canada when you replied to my post!.... keep that green girl running ❤️
  21. Yes rpon these are the next design seats which I think rich was talking about and I think they were brought in in 2003 ... I had totally forgotten about the lime green lupos ! Thanks for sharing what year is your lupo? And can you put on some more pictures ❤️
  22. These were the little wheels that came as standard x
  23. 😁I think they are Halfords own make ripspeed
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