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  1. What do you mean re trim ? And is it hard ?
  2. Haha when i had my car they allways fell off just a ball ach trying to find them so i just super glued mine on
  3. Just checking as if you try stretch them too much im thinking that the tires lip would blow off as it isnt sealing to the lip asmuch ( thats why i asked about smaller tires as it would seal! Obv thinking about it now tho its not gunna work try and get a 14 inch tire in a 15 inch rim haha just didnt quite think did i)
  4. Ill do the original desighn if thats what you all like only problem i have is that little logo up the top right what is it ?
  5. What size tires would i have to get to stretch them will they just be slimmer tires or would they be smaller inch tires too ?
  6. Oh i allso have a tow strap on the front and i have all 4 brand new tires and wheels are VW alloys but i actually like the shape and are going to get them refurbed black and engine bay is clean too i used degreaser on there to get rid of all the oil and jet washed it off
  7. Tbh mate if everyone allready has them from BEN and his are soo good no point in me doing them is there haha obv his desighns arnt that good as theres people on here asking for some in certain desighns but **** it im not wasting my time on arse holes like you anymore so im not doing them
  8. Stubby ariel, got my windows tinted, iPod in coin tray wind deflectors coilovers, (clean car) just want other stuff to do to it. Allso iv vinyl wrapped my heaters and door handles and heater front panel gloss black.
  9. Allready done it mate my friend gave me a Ford RS stubby one that didnt fit on his so he gave it me to put on my car
  10. Heart ach mate i was doing them for free to the people on the clup haha only have to pay for the postage and he must use some cheap vinyl then if he does them that cheap sorry to say but cheap vinyl is a no go from me i only use HEXis top quality 10 year vinyl and have over 50 colours too so it doesent matter who does them the cheapest you pay for what you get at the end of the day you pay 5p per decal just prooves how cheap/**** the vinyl must be!
  11. It doesent matter if i do anything like that even if i copied his desighn im NOT using his logo im using ClubLupo logos so i will do what people ask for weather its the same or not
  12. Yh i like the VW festival ones too only problem is guys i have a vinyl cutter not a printer so the graphics would be all 1 colour. Or maybe a colour with another colour over the top of them i can do the original ClubLupo ones if thats what everyone likes if everyone can put some feedback ill do something that we all like
  13. Ok mate thanks for your help i really appreciate it allso i am doing ClubLupo vinyl stickers now so if you want one for the shows let me know i can do them in pretty much any colour
  14. Allready have really nice alloys all brand new tires and i keep my car so clean its unreal haha i think i have OCD tbh lmao i love having a clean car tbh and just after little tweaks i could do now that will make it look different
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