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  1. They are getting there but I see them about more than the lupo gti
  2. Lol dunno why I thought you referred to gti as polo?
  3. You’re a defo 6n2 guy aint ya? lol the gearbox I’m getting is the same mileage but I’m defo interested in yours too!
  4. What was the mileage on your box
  5. Really where are you? I’m planning on having two good ones one using and one spare. What the mileage on your box?
  6. Good on you I was going to go for this too lol I think I’ve seen a wing advertised I’ll have a scan
  7. Vary really one guy of flea bay said 700 the other I’ve found with a nearly new clutch is 300 dunno what to expect for that really but it’s gotta be better than the one with a hole in it eh. Anything I can do to test it as it’s removed already
  8. I’m hopefully got a spare box sorted just would like to rebuild the broken one too really
  9. Going to get the broken one repaired did you say you have an end plate rich. I found one for sale
  10. I may have found a spare box to put in But I gotta trust it will be alright. At least that will give me time to get the broken one rebuilt nicely
  11. Is this common then I thought something had hit it on the road? And is it a full rebuild at this point thanks
  12. There is a way to do it but as I didn’t have the blank canvas I was limited to the amount I could do I just wanted rid of the bubbles but yeah the line bugged me too!! I got a new drama to worry about now!
  13. Lol illustration purposes only it was an idea going through my little head
  14. Ignore the mismatch on paint I was redoing bits at the time
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