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  1. Heeellllooo all you tech heads ? I have a weird engine fault on my 2001 Lupo GTI I'm hoping someone can shed light on. So....driving along it feels like my foot has slipped off the clutch as the car kinda 'hiccups' momentarily. There's no rise or fall in engine revs, the car doesn't stall or bring any warning lights up so it's a bit of a mystery. It's really random too as some drives it doesn't do this and others several times in one go. I thought perhaps a mass air flow or lambda sensor fault?? Also thought maybe mucky fuel (although always use super unleaded)...but fault still there. Cheers peeps ?
  2. Hey, well after a lot of trial and error it turned out the actual fan unit itself was faulty. A replacement OEM unit costs £350 (gulp!) and can take up to 10 days to arrive from Germany and to be honest they're probably on back order, so I went for a GSF Car Parts version instead at half the price. Not as good quality of course, but does the trick. At least my car's now back on the road for the show season
  3. So... we've checked the fuses and all are fine and we've replaced the fan switch, thinking that might be faulty. But no, still haven't got to the bottom of this as the fans still don't move, hence overheating. We're at a blank - anyone have any other ideas? Cheers
  4. Hey peeps, Quick Q for the tech heads amongst you. My coolant level is normal when cold, yet my temp gauge starts to slowly go up now when I'm stuck in traffic. Checked when I got home on tickover and the fan isn't cutting in when the car's up to temperature. Had a look online and someone's said it's probably a faulty relay fan switch. Where are these located for the 1.6 engine - are they in the rad itself? Does this mean a replacement rad is needed? P.S - My Loop is without air-con. Cheers Sezza
  5. Thanks for the help guys - pretty much what I thought. Welding it is then.
  6. Helllloooo.... My passenger side door sill is rusting underneath, there's also a few bubbles of rust visible on the outside (basically from previous accident damage repair before I owned the car). Welding new metal in is the only solution, however, before this I wanted to find out if anyone here knows of any companies selling pattern part sills as this may be a quicker solution? Also, are the GTI door sills the same as a standard Lupo - I'm only thinking of the bodykit... Thanks
  7. Thanks for the pointers chaps. Will take a lookie tomorrow
  8. Can anyone advise? I've got through countless batteries in the time I've had the Loop (8 years) and never had the time until now to try and investigate what's causing the battery drain and it's definitely not the sub as this can be switched on/off manually. I charged up the battery at the weekend and already the car's labouring to turn over and central locking going up/down before starting when I went to use it today. Anyone else had similar issue? How's about alternator, does that cause a drain? Cheers
  9. Agghhh! I'm having exactly the same problem with my Lupo GTI! Replaced brake light switch and high level brakelight, reset the error code and EPC light has come back on again. Sounds too familiar! Has anyone got to the bottom of this?
  10. Help! My 2001 Lupo GTI has developed this weird intermittent fault. The EPC orange light lit up on my dash a few weeks back, plugged it into diagnostics which showed only one fault code for the brake switch. So I bought a new switch and the light went out - for about 5 miles. Plugged it back in again and it showed the same fault code again. Weird. Cleared this fault code and the light stayed out for about another week. Now it's come back on again...grrrrrr.... Has anyone any idea what the actual problem is? Cheers
  11. Spotted you yesterday afternoon (Sunday) on the sliproad for J5/J6 possibly about to join M20 coastbound or coming off for Blue Bell Hill towards Chatham? Young guy driving... I was playing 'snap' in mine on the other side of the carriageway...
  12. Cool - sounds like a good idea! Whereabouts do you all meet at Bluewater? I've been doing lots of maintenance work on the Loop at the mo, but yes I have plans for some cams, just waiting while they're being tested out at the mo...
  13. @Pippard: Yep you've defo spotted me and my Loop - it's got stickers on back window and body-coloured dash interior
  14. Hmmm... one of my haunts so it may have been me! but then again I can't remember what I did yesterday let alone last week!
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