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  1. downlowmatt

    Lupo wheels - paint code help please

    Superb, thank you! I've found out you can buy it as a normal paint too (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-2L-Solvent-Basecoat-Paint-VW-AUDI-LZ17-AVUS-SILVER-/300550666399?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item45fa37389f), and as I've got a compressor etc that's the plan. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi... I'm looking for the original paint code for the rims on my 2003 3L... can anyone help please? Here is the colour code sticker from inside the logbook Cheers
  3. As far as I know they only come with one bulb, on the offside.... obvs different in DE to UK!
  4. Ok just to let you know I managed it! It was basically a case of running a cable from one side of the car to the other and linking the foglight terminals on the lights, oh and swapping the bulb from one side to the other. Obviously the lights have the circuits / connections in as standard so there was no need to buy a new one.
  5. Hi... ok just failed the MOT as my rear fog light is on the "wrong side"! Being a German car it's on the nearside, now I need to swap it to the off side. Does anyone know how easy this is to do (before I take the lights out)... any advice appreciated Cheers Matt DSC_4563 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr
  6. downlowmatt

    2003 volkswagen Lupo 3L tdi (with air cooled intro!)

    Haha cheers Piers and Elliott.. not quite air, but I did get a set of spax coilovers in the post yesterday! I love the ride of them on my 944 and as I'm going to be using the 3L a lot (I hope) I think they'll be the best balance of comfort and ride height. I should have some more news and photos tomorrow, as I'm going for an MOT!
  7. downlowmatt

    2003 volkswagen Lupo 3L tdi (with air cooled intro!)

    Thanks everyone for the replies! Here you go.... I saw it at Stonor Park, and having just sold my blue buggy, I kept on thinking about it... a 57000 mile porsche for a cheap price... a deal was done and me julie got a surprise... luckily she loves it! Since buying it, all I've done is kept it clean, slammed it (Spax RSX coilovers at the front, re-indexed torsion bars and Spax adjustable dampers at the back), and added the staggered fondmetals, which were an ebay bargain at £300 but took me 6 weeks of evenings and weekends to restore!
  8. downlowmatt

    My Lupo 3l nighmare

    So how many shifts did you get?
  9. downlowmatt

    My Lupo 3l nighmare

    Hi, I have also just bought a Lupo 3L from Germany, I am just waiting for the registration document to come through and carrying out the minor work needed to get it fully serviced / through an MOT. Watch this video of how to test the accumulator, try it, and let me know what happens! I did mine this morning, it manages 3-4 shifts, so I'll be changing the accumulator
  10. downlowmatt

    Lupo 3L - importing & taxing

    Ry_b, have a look here and understand all the differences between a standard Lupo and the 3L.. its pretty unbelievable really! http://www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/ssp/SSP_218.pdf Rick thank you for taking your time to put together this informative guide, I have just imported a 3L and went for a 2003 based on your advice... I am about to send off the registration document today and will let you know how I get on! Cheers Matt
  11. Ok I've spent many hours reading and researching Lupo's here so I thought it was time to give something back! Before we start on the Lupo I thought I would send some photos of a couple of cars I have built / am building that you may know or like or be interested in, mostly air cooled vw's: 1956 Karmann Ghia (in progress) 1966 Meyers Manx (built, sold) 1968 VW beetle (my first car,since 1991! Stalled) 1968 Porsche 912 (my mate Ben's, I organised it) 1970 Meyers Manx SR2 (built, sold) 1975 Golf swallowtail (recommissioned, sold) At the moment I also have two cars on the road (I know! What a silly place for a car) - a 1984 Porsche 944 on coilovers and fondmetals, and a 2011 Audi a4 b8 S-line daily driver. I don't have any photos of them at the minute, sorry. Anyway this thread is going to be all about the 3L which I've just bought over from Germany and will mainly be using for work. I am going to try and do this thread in as much detail as possible, so I hope you'll enjoy it! Ok so after 6 months of researching, here's the car... just in from Germany, not even washed at this point.. I did warn you this thread might be a bit step by step! DSC_4558 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4561 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4562 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4563 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4566 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4567 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4568 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4569 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4570 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4572 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4573 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4575 by MattLupo3L, on Flickr DSC_4577 by M The plan so far is to keep it pretty straightforward: - register it in the UK - add plates - change headlights - get insurance - MOT - tax (free!) - change stereo - find some vw floor mats - respray bumpers and sort out creases in sills - coilovers and wheel alignment - detail - drive!

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