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  1. got any up to date pics? interior etc? whats the service history like? up until the new/old engine i guess
  2. my friends car has got worse, so bad when sat idling, rpm is normal, but once going it goes away. he was told its gearbox related
  3. This is what the previous owner did. doesnt help but looks funny
  4. Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t even know how or where to access this bolt. How in the nelly
  5. the new one i have found is £60 from a VW parts dealer, brand new so if its a couple of hours labour for myself then happy days!
  6. i got my SDI with collies and just had to raise them up, scraping and bumping all over the shop. At least now its passable as "satisfactory"
  7. i have checked many a website and seems thats correct if anyone is reading this, the brake pads that are to be used are 51mm x 142mm 17mm thick give or take a couple of mills.
  8. Looking to replace discs and pads on the front of my 1.7SDI lupo. Seen the old thread with the measurements. Lupo 1.0 - 1.2 TDI 3L - 1.4 16v (75bhp) - 1.7 SDI Front: Vented Discs - ATE Sliding Caliper Diameter = 239mm - Thickness = 18mm just want to make sure thats still correct? thanks
  9. the part can be bought new for £50-60 atm.. cos i am looking for my lupo. if you can get help to do it yourself then easy, if not a garage would be 2-3 hours labour i imagine have a read of the thread MK2 has posted
  10. Normally an autoleads harness. But like Mk2 said a pic of the back connection will help
  11. Thanks I shall have a look. if getting into reverse becomes a pain more and more. Is that a sign of the gearbox on its way out?
  12. Ok so the clutch rest position is still at the at the same height as the other pedals, just doesn’t engage until 2 inches of press. I haven’t adjusted anything Got any pictures of where and how to adjust. never done it before. thanks as always
  13. Just checking with the powers that be. i believe I’m having early problems with my pedal box. Crunches into reverse a few times, clutch pedal has around 2 inches on play from the top before it engages. I was checking the latest part numbers and want to be sure I buy the right one. I have read the how to guide. 6N2721115P - Bracket for pedal cluster I used the 7zap catalogue. My car is a 1.7 SDI 2004. Im currently using the car to deliver takeaways. The wife got put on Furlough so need the car in tip top condition for the extra cash
  14. I got the garage to do my Cambelt and some pullys. Piece of mind. Doesn’t add value to the car tho haha.
  15. i got mine for £430, has cost me more than that fixing it haha! SDI lyf
  16. How about this as we are on the subject of windows. Sat in the drivers seat, the two window switches dont make either window go up or down. Sat in passenger seat, switch will make passenger side go up and down. Sat in the drivers seat, IF the passenger side window has been opened by the passenger.. i can then close the window i have replaced the switches and all were fine for a bit. and now this...
  17. Update on the blue beast. Cambelt kit and auxillary belt completed yesterday by a local vw specialist. Never got round to finding pictures and the kit etc etc so paid for the privilege. overall the car is brilliant. Looking to swap out these awful coilovers to someone on facebook who are looking for lows. Honestly the ride is horrendous. And finally... the engine light is still on.. STILL need to investigate the wiring to the manifold sensor.. i did change the sensor as that was cheap but fault still exists. Need some pointers. Im also going to say its probably sapping power . had a little whiz in my mates lupo SDI and his really pops! makes myn feel broken
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