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  1. Bkd or pd140 same unit. I have a bkd in a golf, great engine and loads of tuning potential but larger and heavier than the asz pd130. I have seen a 130 ina few Lupo/arosa and tbh I may end up doing the same. For now my Frankenstein sdi is still going and on same box 📦 😬(touch wood) I regularly top up the gearbox as I have a weep from the selector seal, fairly common issue and I reckon why most boxes fail. still not rolling roaded the pig but really fun when hot hatch boys are left head scratching 😂🤷‍♂️
  2. Still rockin this as the daily, took it for a long errand yesterday and had an absolute blast. Never fails to put a smile on my face.
  3. I need one, know nothing about mould making though. Where did you find it?
  4. Yeah did that ages ago. Rears now required
  5. Sdi is still going well on it’s forced induction journey with a daily beating to keep it keen. I have added further comforts to the controls though to spoil it a bit. momo team 300mm and a quaife shift knob. Looking for rear disc kit now as the drums are looking tired and stick after a wash so it’s that time. Not servicing the old drums rather upgrade.
  6. Sorry just spotted this, eBay. Still available on there too. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231539707352
  7. Happy to buy an entire beam or the bits to convert drums. What you got? I am south east.
  8. Dropped my return to the bottom of dipstick tube, works fine.
  9. Yup, I’d stick to oe. I have and as above have added boost to the little asthmatic sdi so it’a supplying plenty of air.
  10. Clearance is the issue for this manifold, it sits higher near or may touch bonnet. Big boys map added tonight and its mad now! nozzles and map details are the tuners secret can put you in touch if you need some. I am loving the work, and to paraphrase Ferris "if you have the means I seriously recommend you check them out!!"
  11. Used the bodies and swapped out for bigger nozzles, will check specs later. inlet is a Volvo d5 manifold. Its for the 5 pot engine and the t4 boys use it as they are a direct fit on th 2.5 tdi and have a smoother tract and lower profile. We just cut the end runner off and made it a four then sleeved the end with a silicone reducer to pipework going to an oe intercooler from a Passat under the o/s headlamp
  12. 085 box with a new oe dual mass setup. Box was checked and oil refreshed but I am prepared to send it to repair as and when
  13. Nope, kept the go box and uprated the clutch and pressure plate for a custom job.
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