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  1. Clearance is the issue for this manifold, it sits higher near or may touch bonnet. Big boys map added tonight and its mad now! nozzles and map details are the tuners secret can put you in touch if you need some. I am loving the work, and to paraphrase Ferris "if you have the means I seriously recommend you check them out!!"
  2. Used the bodies and swapped out for bigger nozzles, will check specs later. inlet is a Volvo d5 manifold. Its for the 5 pot engine and the t4 boys use it as they are a direct fit on th 2.5 tdi and have a smoother tract and lower profile. We just cut the end runner off and made it a four then sleeved the end with a silicone reducer to pipework going to an oe intercooler from a Passat under the o/s headlamp
  3. 085 box with a new oe dual mass setup. Box was checked and oil refreshed but I am prepared to send it to repair as and when
  4. Nope, kept the go box and uprated the clutch and pressure plate for a custom job.
  5. I was dubious but its a great clutch. Feel is nice and light, its not too juddery and its not slipping, win for me. It came with an uprated spring plate too and bearing and its been awesome.
  6. Ok so this didn't fly. the box was miles off as the ski tilts forward and most vw still leans back meaning although the box bolts on, the output flange was up by the battery tray . sooooooo, fitted a lark speed stage 3 paddle clutch and its now done 800 miles on the 'reduce slip' map. will crank it back up on the torque and see what we get. also fitted some golf seats for good measure and they were hanging around looking for a ride lol
  7. This never arrived so went a different route. but on an aside, still chasing for a refund from the useless t888
  8. Its up on the ramp, AHU single mass and clutch on its way. I will try and update this thread with tech info etc and pictures.
  9. Without wishing to be a pedant the front is a mc person strut as it utilises the wishbone and control arms the rear is basically a coilover unit, attached as it is to a trailing arm🀐 Just so as not to cause confusion πŸ€“
  10. Hope so, got the box on the floor and Nath primed to start the swap after the bank holiday, taken two weeks so far
  11. Jamie is away at the mo apparently, he has messaged me a couple of times as I have some parts coming. courier issues atm but hoping they arrive soonπŸ˜•
  12. Well its enough Lupo for me 😁 I could have done with the roof line remaining but other than that its excellent in my book. I am chasing more torque in mine soon, its going to be nowhere near this but I do get exactly why they used a small car to start, too many massive shiny p3nis extensions around in the road and a tiny car with a big engine turns them into an inny every time πŸ˜‚
  13. Not sure where the output flanges end up but driveshafts can be made to fit the gap and they are only short. would rather keep track the same and make the thing fit.
  14. Sitrep, I have a cable shifter and hydro pedal box on the way from a breaker so things are gonna get choppy soon. I have a TDi box from a golf, I think, point is it will fit a much bigger clutch and flywheel setup so its gonna get jammed in by my friend and diesel whizz Nath at Resto Classics while I am away working for a week in may. Its a bit of a trial but the theory is all lining up and worst case the casing is 30mm bigger so with a bit of fab and some "adjustment" this should see the torque back up. Its fun as it is but clutch is being a real wimp now and I have come this far so......😁
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