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    Reg Plate SL02 UGT. Was standard when I sold it. I was the second owner. Steel wheels. Can't think of anything else atm.
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    Well too cheap for a anthracite! GLWS
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    Hello, Just wondered if I could get some idea of what price people would expect to pay for a 2004 Lupo GTI in Anthracite Grey - I inherited it from new and its only got a legit 34k on the clock. It's had no work on it, no mods, maybe a scuff on the alloys but thats about it... I've had a look around and there seem to be nothing in the same colour with as little mileage - so I have no idea about realistic price... Any help, 'nuff appreciation. Cheers.
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    Anyone here done a flip key conversion? Im looking to swap my remote arosa key to a vw flip key, seems fairly possible
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    Oh..........is DOT 5.1 ok to use
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    im on it style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />
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