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  1. so its been over a week and it needs sorting. about 2 weeks ago i kept losing bass in the car from the sub BUT when i turned the volume up the bass would return. now i have no bass as its just stopped. any reason for this? also my radio has just stopped working. no power is goin to it. is it somethin simple and im bein stupid, like the power cable has falled out. cause when i took the guts out everything looked fine.
  2. Black lupo, slammed, white porsche alloys. In Derby at the camping ground on the Sat Afternoon. was it you?
  3. already got both mate. think its gonna have to be the induction kit.
  4. its not so much noisey its just the winey noise it makes when the engine revs. its only a 1.0 but still it sounds like a hair dryer. i'd just like to somehow make it sound less like a toy car without havin to upgrade to a new engine size.
  5. any way of making the engine bay a little quieter on ma arosa? other than maybe havin to use the sound deadenin stuff
  6. just wantin a small vector job doin. nothin fancy or complicated unless ya up for it..... PM me.
  7. i bought the TV today. conected it to the mains and fixed the areal too. turned it on and like it said in the book it will go to standby. go to switch it on with the remote and nothing. get a ting noise then goes to standby again. anyone know why?
  8. that will be me. do ya have to feed any wires to the tweeters or is it just a matter of disconectin the old ones and re-conectin the new ones?
  9. where would i put the tweeters i get with um tho. dont need to replace my existing ones and the ones with the alpine are bubble shapped..
  10. taken long enough but i think ive finally done it. just took the blade off gave it a wipe then re fitted it and now nothing. lets see it it works on ma way to work tomorrow. fingers crossed.
  11. when i first got my rosa is was £28 to fill. most i paid to fill it once was £37 and i was god smacked. the tanks not been full for a while now tho
  12. so ive decided im gonna upgrade from my old 15" beast of a tv in my bedroom to a lovely 37" HD LCD tv just wondered if anyone on here had the same modle or any opinions on the brand. SHARP LC37D65E 37" specs also, its gonna sound dumb anyway i say it but does currys own dixons? i heard someone say it once.
  13. im lookin to install these in the near future, pob just after christmas. Alpine: SPE-17C2 or Alpine: SPE-17CS now im aware with the first set i can just do a straight swap, after buyin a set of adaptors. BUT with the second set what would i need to do? and is there any point in buyin the second set just for the components. or would i get just as good sound from the speakers only.
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