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  1. seat:sam

    Thought I'd have a go: Opinions?

    ....yes i know the logos are pixelated lol
  2. seat:sam

    Thought I'd have a go: Opinions?

    Just thought id have a go lol
  3. Happy New Year - peace out, no drama!!

  4. seat:sam

    Alternator / gearbox maybe??

    Ah ok cool thank you will try that. Thanks again
  5. seat:sam

    Alternator / gearbox maybe??

    No I hadn't noticed it had.
  6. Happy new year guys. May it be a gone one!!

  7. seat:sam

    Alternator / gearbox maybe??

    Hey guys. Help again please I have a slight whining and vibration when speeding up / slowing down. My 1st though was alternator on its was out. I could be wrong however so I have turned to u guys for a few suggestions. Any ideas of what It could be? Thanks. (Peace)
  8. seat:sam

    Drivers side - side light!!!!

    Haha I know... All this effort just for a side light lol. I would have left it but it would have annoyed me lol. In the end I found angled pliers did the trick Cheers guys ( peace )
  9. seat:sam

    Drivers side - side light!!!!

    thats what i tried to do, just couldnt seem to get my hand in that far or pull it because of the position my hand was in. :-/
  10. seat:sam

    Drivers side - side light!!!!

    How does anyone replace this without being double jointed??? Is it just easier to take it to halfords to be changed???? I tried for about 20mins to get the old bulb out..... But no luck grrrrrrr
  11. Ah kool. Might have a look into that. Been struggling to think of things to do with the interior other than the standard changeable things.
  12. Cheers buddy In the Suzuki swift there is the same sort of thing on the dash. But it is a small holder that flips up. Didn't know if I could put something like that in.
  13. Im sure there has been many questions on this topic but as im new i am still finding my way around this site. lol so this is the easiest way to find an answer. As im sure most of you know on the seat arosa there is a cover in the centre of the dash that looks like it should pop up, instead seems to be a mystery cover made for us to break trying to solve the mystery of what lies beneath. Has anyone done anything with this?? Is there anything that can be put in its place? Cheers guys (peace out !!)

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