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    I’d rather not say, it was originally posted on Facebook for £750 before the lady was accused of being a fraudster etc. Anyway fast forward a few offers off other people, the price did increase, not dramatically. Seemed to cause quite the stir on the Facebook group. But it was a decent price, well worth the money.
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    Ok so here is a photo of the car and the headlight mod. I decided to just get cracking on with the suspension work as I saw no real reason to wait. The plan was to change suspension arms for now, and then when the ball joints and drop links arrive, do them separately. Anyway, the corrosion on the drop links had different ideas and the washer crumbled away. So it’s currently up on stands till I get it sorted. That being said, look at the state of the rear wishbone bush, I worry if this car had an MOT back in June with no advisories. ive discovered quite the rust tonight. The hubs, arms, drop links, tie rod ends are all flaking. So I’ll continue as planned, and change these this week. Next up will be acquiring a second set of hubs to clean up and paint, then they can be changed over in a few hours, rather than having to have the car off the road for even longer. (Albeit not much longer but rather not have to rush). And I’ll also ultimately be doing the same with the subframe that isn’t too bad but if I’m doing everything else, then why not I guess! Brake discs and pads aren’t TOO bad, but I’ll probably change them in the new year anyway. The callipers have been painted quite badly in silver, so they’re another on the list of things to clean and paint... Ultimately a lot of smaller jobs but nothing too bad yet!
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    First thing I'd check is the pollen filter. Replace if not been replaced in a long time or unsure when it was last done. Then as mk2 said
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    Same here... my first thought is front door card seals. So I'll be pulling the lower cards off each door to investigate- leccy window repair without resealing it in the past is my best guess.
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