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  1. While I agree, the King Lupo is probably the GTi, I still think the 3L is a something a little bit special. You might turn more heads at McDonalds in a GTi, but there's certainly a lot more to talk about around the office water cooler, if you drive a 3L. I'm such a ****ing dork lol!!
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  3. You might need to do this if...... You have disconected the battery.Something has stopped the window in it's normal travel.It just decides to loose it's memory. Normal operation..... (Models with electric windows) When you press the window switch in either direction to the stop the glass will automatically lower or raise to the end of it's travel. To reset it..... With the window fully up, press and hold the switch firmly in the down position untill the glass reaches the bottom, continue to hold for two seconds.Firmly press and hold the switch in the up position untill the glass reaches the
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