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I worked as a car valeter for about 5 years for a few different local car dealers and the 2 things I used the most were Auto Smart tardis. I would put that stuff on everything it can leave a bad solvent smell inside the car if you use to much, it takes quite a while to evaporate.

Then I would use Trafalgar Spotting Solvent on the carpets and seats it gets all the grubby marks off. It can make an old oily carpet come up like new. Forget upholstery shampoo use spotters instead its much quicker. I'd use it on plastics as well but sometimes it would take the shine of the plastic. This stuff evaporates much quicker so it doesn't leave a bad smell in the car. Don't forget to screw the lid back on the tin after use.

I worked for a coach firm and there was one driver who would wash his coach with petrol.

If you're on a budget engine oil is a good substitute for back to black, I used it on my old 106 bumpers. Just watch you don't rub your clothes up against the bumpers after you put it on.

Hi there

Where can you get trafalgar spotting solvent? have you got a link?



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you can order it online from there website


£20 for a gallon

There maybe a trafalger salesman in your area have a look in the yellow pages or ask the valeters at your local car dealers if they will sell you some.

you need a spray bottle to put it in as well and remember to put the lid back on the tin when you finished using it, it really does evaporate quick.

I would spray it on then use a henry hoover with the bag taken out to suck it up. It evaporates so quick there isn't much chance of it breaking the hoover.

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What's best way to clean seats, I have red seats and there looking dull ATM, need them bright!

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