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  1. It's probably the fan on the radiator, spray some wd40 in it.
  2. Spray some neat TFR on it then jet wash it off, do the same with the door shuts. Put some polish on it afterwards to help keep it clean and re-grease the hinges when you've finished.
  3. If it's losing coolant and blowing white smoke the head gasket will most likely need replacing. That will cost a few hundred quid, maybe more, and there's no guarantee it will pass the emissions test after fixing it. I wouldn't spend any more money on it unless you're going to get the head fixed, it will just get worse until it blows all the way through and starts losing oil as well.
  4. If you read the fine print, they usually say that the car has to be under a certain age like 5 years and needs to have a full service history.
  5. Does it sound like there's an owl in the boot? its probably the fan on the radiator spray some wd40 in it.
  6. This is why I don't use Ebay any more or any online used car website. If it can't be sold locally or on a forecourt then its probably ****ed.
  7. m1cr08472


    Do you drive the Golf more then the Lupo? I find if I swap cars it takes me a couple of days to get used to the pedal. Until I get used to it I'm either breaking my neck hitting the pedal to hard or nearly hitting the car in front by not putting enough pressure on the pedal.
  8. Enter your details into this site, you should get a few quotes. Then ring them up and barter on the price. http://www.1stchoice.co.uk/
  9. Are you sure it doesn't have a fuse fitted? Some people look at the fuse diagram upside down.
  10. m1cr08472

    Oil Leak

    Isn't the oil pressure sensor located around the top right of the engine? could be that what's leaking.
  11. If the blubs are OK then the stalk needs replacing. Mine used to do it but if I pressed the stalk into position really hard it would work. Common fault I believe.
  12. Why wait until its totally knackered before replacing it? What if it goes completely and takes something else out with it. I would take your alternator belt off and check for excessive play on all the pulleys. You could start your engine with the alternator belt off and see if the rattling noise goes away. Just don't run it for to long with the belt off or your battery will go flat and I think it turns the power steering pump as well so no power steering with the belt off.
  13. £30 for a switch! Some ones trying to have your pants down. When you say its damaged. Is it broken or just not working? If its not working you can take them apart, cleaning the terminals should get it working again. Try one of these part finder type websites. http://www.1stchoice.co.uk/ I think you can buy the single switches on there own, then fit it into your existing switch, brand new from VW for about £15.
  14. I don't think capping them off would be a good idea. If your engine can't breath out of the pipes it will breath out of somewhere else, probably your cylinders increasing emissions. Could mean an mot failure. I'd go with the catch tank idea. I wouldn't leave them just hanging loose either cause if any oil leaks onto a hot engine it could cause a fire.
  15. Check your header tank and oil dip stick. If its losing water and oil the Head gasket will be on its way out. It could be diesel fuel not burning right as well. I had a pug 106 that would blow white smoke, when first starting it up, cause the glow plugs had burnt out. It could be a lot of things that cause a diesel to blow white smoke, glow plugs, injectors, fuel/air filter, compressor, head gasket. If its still running you should be ok driving it home. I'd get it checked out as soon as you can though.
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