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  1. It's the 1.0 AUC engine. Have intermittant flashing oil light for 3 years now and doing my head in with the beeping. Already changed the oil pressure switch for an oem one and slightly thicker oil. I would like to avoid taking the sump off to clear the pickup/buy a new one but at wits end with what else it could be
  2. Easy to fit, just remove the bolt, then the two on the door and remove the lower door guard and retrieve. Cannot confirm if theres a left and right, doubtful though
  3. From my understand it's all fairly straight forward until you get to the two by the flywheel area. For those two, you can "turn" the flywheel as it has two notches in it to make the job easier. My question is, how do you turn the flywheel so they line up? :/
  4. I imagine your on about the door strap/check strap. Loads of stuff on here about them
  5. Disconnect your head unit if it's aftermarket, some cause issues for the obd port
  6. Your paying an extra £28 a month on top of your insurance to add bonnet pins? Bahaha I've got a chocolate kettle, really good at boiling tea for you sir only £700
  7. I would of had the golf over the lupo any day
  8. danoid


    I think this is by design (stupid if so) When I have the main beam on, drive on a country lane and put my full beam on, the mains turn off, resulting in quite poor visibility to be honest. If my mains are on and I flash the full they all stay on. So what I end up doing is holding the stalk in such a way I get both main and full. Is it working how it should be or buggered? My passat, both stay on but I've got h7 bulbs
  9. Saw my first ever gti today! Female driver near whiteley.
  10. Sticker bombing is great, if your the type of person who wears trackies and holds your penis whilst walking
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