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  1. mickster

    Wait there is some news about the Up! GT

    Looks good in silver! My Mum finally got her black one last weekend - she ordered back in February on the first day they were taking preorders. Windscreen has a nice big scratch on it too, great QC there VW... Anyway having driven it round the block it’s a nice car, has the essence of the Loop GTI and looks good from most angles. Ride is a little firm though, especially in the back!
  2. mickster

    Boot liner mat in the style of carpet mats

    Nice! Surely if you gave the dimensions to one of these custom mat makers they could whip some up?
  3. mickster

    Auto lights

    Did you buy the one sold by cnfaner? I even messaged them a few times about the sensitivity issue and they did reply but not with anything helpful. I’m pretty certain there isn’t a switch or dial of any kind but it’s been a while since I looked. The warning tone is pretty annoying and comes on unless I have the dial set to lights off, which means the welcome home lights don’t come on which defeats the object. If your one wasn’t from cnfaner let me know who you bought it from as I’d be tempted to swap mine out for one!
  4. mickster

    Auto lights

    That's the one I bought, fitting wasn't too bad - you need a bit of wire to feed the sensor up though! Two annoying things with it are that the sensor isn't sensitive enough so often I'm the only car driving around without lights on, and when you open the drivers door and the welcome home lights are on the standard warning alarm goes off. The first issue is probably solvable by taping some tracing paper or similar over the sensor but I'm not sure there is a way to turn off the warning alarm since it is technically correct in sounding...
  5. mickster

    Black GTi - Patcham

    Passed a slightly dirty fellow black GTI in my ends (Patcham) last night, not one I've ever seen around before. Unlikely but if it's anyone on here then hi!
  6. mickster

    Vw UP Gti News

    These are the list of options, only about 5 are actually available for the GTI
  7. mickster

    Vw UP Gti News

    To be honest having seen them side by side like that I'm pretty tempted myself, surprised how good it looks. I was impressed with the TSI when she took it for a spin, you can really feel the turbo kick in so I can only imagine the GTI performance will be better. I may well go back and take it for a test drive!
  8. mickster

    Vw UP Gti News

    Took the mother to look at an Up! TSI earlier and couldn’t resist the photo opportunity that presented itself to me...
  9. Wow, what a response! Thanks guys I hadn't really considered buying new tyres, I think with the cost of those I wouldn's be saving any money but I will investigate, perhaps someone local will be selling some in good condition. My tyres are the 205/45/15s and have only done about 1000 miles since being new in the spring so could be worse! Fuel costs have been considered and I reckon will run to about £150 at most, assuming I'm sensible with where I refuel. The gf wants to bring more its back from home so with the car we will at least be able to do this, even if the Loop isn't the largest vehicle to cram stuff in. I've managed to bag some of those ambulance style silver blankets that keep the heat in in addition to blankets and sleeping bags so should be set in that respect! And hopefully not the Loop! The alternative is to take the gf's reliable 14 plate Aygo You are all making the investment in tyres sound a good idea. If it is issue free then I'll love it, I bought my first GTI in Leeds and the drive back home was great fun! Good point about the washer fluid, last winter the gf was living in the borders and my god on the route between Galashiels and Edinburgh Airport you could use the best part of a bottle And to you! The gf's Dad has a flat in Dalgety Bay so we will hopefully stop off for a day in Edinburgh, we were actually there for Hogmanay last year, the Christmas market was great I was going to just do the A1 way but my girlfriend drove down earlier in the year she took the M6 (toll - oops!) and said it was great. I'll see what Mr Google Maps/TomTom say. My Dad grew up in Scotland and worked there with the MoD in his 20s and couldn't believe they'd "ruined" the A9! I hate average speed cameras but will probably want to be going slow and steady by that point anyway so hey-ho... Touch wood the car has no issues, I've not been driving to work since September due to parking restrictions but took it to Bath and explored quite a bit of the West Country in the summer without a hitch so fingers crossed. The worst thing I find is the arm ache since you really can feel the road through the steering wheel! Ahhh see my Uncle/cousins are from Germany and they just put the snow chains on or whatever and get on with it, I suspect it's the same in Switzerland! They do heat up nicely, agreed, I think the only issue is the road noise can be a bit overbearing at times but I always think of the Lupo as a fairly pleasant place to be in! I *think* the guy I bought the GTI off in January had replaced the battery the year before, in fact I'm confident it is no older than 2015. The alternator gave up the ghost earlier this year and a brand new Bosch was installed instead, so electrics should be fine but a good consideration!
  10. Brighton must have been the only place without snow over the last few days and when I agreed to drive the above journey between Christmas and New Year, the prospect of having to deal with snowy and icy roads completely slipped my mind... Having seen the videos of roads elsewhere in the country on the news I’m not feeling very confident, so I call on you experienced forum drivers (especially the Scots among you!) to offer any words of wisdom or advice for my travels, even if that advice is pay the crazy ticket price for a plane...
  11. mickster

    New Member!

    Ahh so it was you in Brighton earlier!
  12. mickster

    Vw Lupo Press Cars

    This thread is awesome!
  13. mickster

    Opinions/Info required on value

    Silver was just the colour of the day when the GTI was released - just like all police vehicles were silver for a time and now they are all being replaced with white again! The details are lost in the black GTI when photographed but in person it looks the part. It was however a raven that I fell in love with back when I was about 13, and I kept my promise to myself that a GTI would be my first car
  14. mickster

    Opinions/Info required on value

    I have to play spot the new scratch every day - the real cost of free on street parking!

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