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  1. Another Kiwi!

    You wait ages for a Kiwi , then 2 come along nice Lupo by the way.
  2. Black Lupo GTI “the black bag”

    Very nice
  3. Vw UP Gti News

    Nice! , pics as soon as.
  4. Sorry long gone, went to a Ford actually
  5. Now i know this is probably a waste of time without pics ( I've tried just cant seem to post pics) but here goes anyway, 4 x 17" x 7" Fox FX1 , 5 spoke alloys ET38 with Nankang 185/35/17 , NS2 tyres alloys are sprayed white and in good nick, tyres are ok, can put straight on car, there is one centre cap missing, these go straight on a Lupo , no probs at all, and mines lowered. Will also fit 4 stud Polos and Golfs and incidentally 4 stud Fords. Buyer must collect, I'm in St Helens.
  6. Car seating

    So would i
  7. A company called "Polybush". polybush.co.uk do them for the Lupo. 01978 664316
  8. NEW Shoes > BBS RC321

    That is very very nice !
  9. Nearside indicator's not working ?

    Thanks, for the reply, i will look at the fuse 1st then take it from there .
  10. Recently my nearside indicators are not working but only sometimes. When i signal left i just get a fast clicking sound, now i no that's usually a sign of a bulb gone, but both bulbs are not flashing and no green arrow inside the car either, just fast clicking, it can do that a few times, then it will work ok for days, then go again, i have noticed though it tends to do it more on cold mornings. Any ideas what it might be.
  11. Lupo Gti from Germany

    That's nice
  12. CL Stickers

    4th one down simple CLUB LUPO , no car and in gloss black, imo. I'll have 3 please
  13. Arosa boot spoiler

    Yep, bolts as well, its a RDX roof spoiler, looks very similar to yours.
  14. Arosa boot spoiler

    Thanks for posting the pics Wes, I've recently got one of those spoilers for my Lupo TDI, mine comes with bolts as well as bonding stuff but I'm a bit reluctant to drill my tailgate, but also don't trust just the glue, have visions of it flying off. I suppose done properly drilling would be ok. Gonna get it colour coded together with my front & rear valance's.
  15. New Wheels!

    Yep, nice.
  16. Must admit, Clayton i prefer the OZs to the Team Dynamics, with the added bonus albeit slight of being lighter and easier to clean. Superb Lupo as always by the way.
  17. Hello all, fox 1.6

    Like that a lot !!!
  18. I'VE had two new front wheel bearings and front (rear) wishbone bushes fitted to my Lupo TDI. The car now feels different to drive, the steering actually felt a bit vague, as though the tyres were well down (they weren't) more road noise and i can feel more road imperfections. Now i do have 17s with 185/35/17s on, but prior to this work done, every thing was fine, no probs at all. The rubbers were actually split, and the bearing rumbling, would new rubbers make the car feel that different?
  19. Sausage, you are spot on, only just noticed, the camber is way out, think that was a bit of a boo boo on the garages part, I'll be having words. As for the 17s sausage, they honestly drive fine, no probs at all, and its lowered on coilovers, and it looks great.
  20. 16" alloys

    I'D have to say no.
  21. New from Aberdeen

    Morning, Chris, and welcome.
  22. Breaker's please help! Lupo seat backs...

    I did my seat backs with the square carpet tiles you can get, they are 50cmx50cm the seat back is 50cm wide x 51cm high so just have the 1cm space at the bottom, you can't tell when there on, no cutting needed just straight on, don't use carpet glue they came off in the hot weather, so i used gorilla glue , they wont come off, tiles only 3 quid each , i got anthracite tiles which are a excellent match for the boot carpet.
  23. Newbie here with my modded lupo

    Nice Lupo that !
  24. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Like that diffuser, a lot
  25. Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Coming along very nicely