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The 1.8t build has begun aaarrrggghhh

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If you feel down the side of the seat, the mechanism for folding the seats is there, just covered up on a 5 door seat, so you'll need the seat tilt lever and the surround, make a small cut and fit! Job done.

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Just ventured out on her maiden voyage 30 miles down no hic ups and everything still works and no screws left over

Always a bonus


One tick off the faster list done, not sure how quick late shape seat ibiza frs are but he was nowhere to be seen,didn't look to happy when I let him catch up!

Hate to think what it's going to be like when running the correct map!

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Have a read through these,hope they help.

My oil pressure light did the same but I'm thinking the instrument is programmed/timed to test it as mine just stopped beeping and flashing, I tried everything.

ecu pin for the rev counter is 37, goes to the orange plug pin 9. for the speedo that comes straight from the speedo sender on the box and goes to the clocks via the 14 pin plug pin 3.

unless you mean the ecu VSS feed? if so thats ecu pin 54 and goes to the orange plug pin 6. it wont work though unless you have/fit an MFA cluster and pop a pin into the 6 pin plug on the back of the clocks for it into pin 6. very rare for a mk1 to have this pin only runout cab have

i wouldnt tap into the lupo clock harness, rather add the lupo engine loom plugs onto the 20v loom so it plugs in without having to splice. see my sig 6x1basicequipment for a lupo diagram, and 6x1xxxecu.pdf for the engine specific bits

so looking at the aub ecu diagram the speedo wire comes to T14 plug in engine bay pin 13, then to T10b black plug inside car pin 3

revo goes to t10d red pin 8

vss to t10c blue pin 9

oil pressure t14 pin 9 in bay, t10d pin 6 inside car

T10w - white 10 pin connector, in connector protective housing, on left in plenum chamber

7 - wht/grn - AUM/AUQ ECU pin 30 (unused)

8 - wht/red - AUM/AUQ ECU pin 48 (unused) - EPC fault lamp

9 - grn/pur - AUM/AUQ ECU pin 67 (unused) - crash signal

10- pur/yel - AUM/AUQ ECU pin 47 (unused) - Emmissions fault lamp

Those are the pinouts used on other ecu but not sure if the wires are active on an AUM ecu.

as for oil pressure if your wiring is good and you have the lupo switch all i can think of is clock fault, unless the old engine had an oil level/temp sensor?

maybe scan the clocks for codes and check measuring blocks

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