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i know how helpful it is to see things done to your car before you take the plunge. so if anyone wants and simple photo shopping done i'm happy to help out.

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I've got some for you!! Can u change the wheels black, wing mirrors and door handles on this?


And then the same as above + the roof on this? It will also include the small bit of orange between the boot and spoiler if you get me?


Thanks in advance!

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Awesome! Thanks buddy!!!

thats fine. haha i had trouble with the black roof, i will try it out again tonight...

Would it be poss to stick some bbs rms on in lumo pink ( I don't have a pic of the wheels tho :/ )


i can do very easily however i would like it if you could get an image of a car already on the wheels you want.. if possible a similar angle as i may get it wrong and dont know what you want haha... but i will do it for you if you find them.

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This is going to be more of a task of imagination (mine can be limited at times :tongueout: ) but could you photoshop these wheels black with a vw badge in the middle but i was thinking of mixing in a colour with the alloys so they stand out against the black car so if you wouldnt mind, have a play please :thumbup: thanks in advance!


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