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  1. Id Try the 1.4 injectors as you won't be maxing them out
  2. And a treat it was All lined up opens straight and fully closes Thanks very much
  3. Quality thanks mate Will have a read thought when I get home
  4. Pretty sure it's like a million torx screws, But never done it and never seen a how to or guid So not sure where to start lol
  5. I know this is a long shot.. finally picked up a open air motor, Roof whent back As it should then when closing It's gone at a angle And doesn't fully close Anyone over the years had any dealings with this I've found local dealers of the roof but rather give it a go first rather then having to fork out anything
  6. Nitro moss, the depending how much paint is left on after wet and dry sand paper down to a fine grade then auto sol then meg's metal polish
  7. OEM wheels if you don't plan on lowering ( lupo sport wheels, polo gti )
  8. And today this happened
  9. Yeah I was thinking about getting some Mk4 recaro's and storing these but the price of heated ones I don't think it's worth it
  10. The seats I'm in Hampshire fella
  11. I don't have the space to break it other wise I would, But it can be for sale for 150 no offers
  12. You can get away with 195/50/15 And no arch work but it looks like a mini 4x4 Wouldn't suggest 16s unless you plan on lowing to fit
  13. Not ATM, I'll get round to it tomorrow and post some up
  14. Mine doesn't work ATM I'm sure most open air owners have had this issue :/ But all that's needed is a new motor from a 6n polo
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