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  1. that looks good! ill most probably go
  2. im from addlestone! what do you drive?
  3. hello, im not a new member but ive been driving around the area for 6 month now in the lupo and not seen any others local, was wondering if there are any of you hiding away on here? lemme know if your local.
  4. Yes please if possible as i do want them working!
  5. yes i will be using the proper switch i bought it with the fogs... just need to find out how tofit them all up!
  6. I havnt yet wired them in no, and what do you mean use the correct stuff mate? Max.
  7. Yeah i have thought about it but have never been full convinced if i like it on a silver car! I do however want to attempt to smooth the front bumper. Max
  8. So I bought some baby G60's (passat steels as some call them) that needed a but of a refurb... I started to refurb them and flat them down ready to paint.The original idea was to keep the OEM look and go for silver steels. Then just before I was about to buy the paint my dads mate offered to spray them professionally for me, any colour I wanted. So this was the first trial: this purple was a bit to dark so i asked him to make it a but lighter, In the end we settled onto a colour and this was the outcome: I went for 165/60/r14 tyres to get a slight stretch. I only had enough for 2 wit
  9. so this is the second attempt at this update... alot of things have happened since the car was last shown, some good not so good. 1) new rear bumper to replace the old deformed one. also gave the rear a good clean whilst everything was of... 2) The coilovers arrived!!!!! as soon as they had arrived they were straight onto the car! Before: After: The car was at an amazing height, i then tested it on what would be my daily route and realized for the time being i needed to go up a bit more. To do so i bought some normal height JOM rear springs as the setup i bought was running on the helper
  10. ive just tried doing my update but the images did not work, will try to correct this this evening after going to a local car meet.
  11. Right, after my exams are all out the way and summer has come to an end i have remembered to come here and give an update about leeroy and also get some advice. i managed to get my hands on some baby G60's (14 inch) and im currently refurbing them but i need help as to what tyre sizes to get to best fit the wheels whilst also looking good... pictures of leeroy's progress will be coming tonight!
  12. Has anyone changed there rear wheel bearings? If so how hard is it and do I have to buy it with the rear hub aswell?
  13. i have just fitted my coilovers today. the were second hand and had smaller rear springs to the normal JOM ones... i have the car on the higest setting and although it looks awsome its not practical at all. so i wondered if there is anyone out there that has and JOM rear springs knocking about picking up dust?
  14. It is simply a duvet cover bought of eBay, as i have done mine i am now seeing more people use the same one. there are a lot on there but this one seems to be the most appealing however it is an awesome easy little mod!
  15. I have a question for anyone that can help, i want some rear speakers, mine has the holes in the panel but does anyone know what size i need and do i just put them behind the panel? Cheers, Max.
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