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Bought my first car month, a Reflex silver Lupo 1.0 with only 27k miles from new.

Here's a picture of when i first got it


This is how the car looks now


Mods so far:

-Removed bump strips

-Polo 6r stubby aerial

-Heko wind deflectors

-Pioneer head unit

-6000k HID Xenon headlights

-LED Interior light

-LED number plate lights

-LED Sidelights

-Front indicators tinted yellow

- Lupo sport front bumper

Have a lot of other things i plan on doing in the future but it'll do for now.

Will be ordering a 60/50mm AP suspension kit later this week as well as fitting some 14" passat steels.

I'll post some more pics up once everything is fitted.

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I love the sunroof!

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it has been previously resprayed so there is a little step in the paint but it's fine on the other side. Will hopefully be getting the near side resprayed in the next few weeks though

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Small update, cambridge lights detangoed with silver bulbs fitted and gti spoiler fitted.

Big changes to come in the following weeks, getting both the front and rear bumpers smoothed and colour coded which will completely transform the look of the car


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If by smoothed bumpers you mean covering the places for the number plates, I'd think twice about doing the rear bumper. I did some photoshop on mine after color coding the bumpers and I wasn't really pleased with the outcome. Makes the car's rear look too big. On the other side, a smoothed front bumper looks awesome.

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