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Seat bases for MK5 golf seats

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I'm trying to get a set of seats with similar bases to a mk5 to fit in the lupo,

I know philloop have done some before, does anyone have any pics or dims off their bases?

Currently modded a set of orginal bases to get mine to fit, but they just sit abit too high.

Any help would be great.



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I had mk5 ones in too.

I had mine made up by a retrimmers, but after seeing how they did it I think I know a better way. They made the seats sit too high.

All you need really are two bars that runs side to side of the mk5 seat runners.

The front one needs to have a right angle bracket on, or be box section, to bolt up to the front bracket in the middle of the Lupo floor.

Like the front one in this diagram I found.


The rear one can be bolted down to the top of the rear seat runners. You'll need to drill a hole in each runner for this.

I may be over simplifying things here, you may need to have an extra bit or two welded on to raise or fix the rear of the seat.

And after typing all that I found some pictures of mine. :doh:





As you can see, mine had little bits at the back to bring the runners in to the mk5 width. I would say this should be welded flush to the frame above, rather than being below it, as I found the rear of the seats sat too high. The bases were a bit too flat for my liking, I'd have preferred the seat to feel more buckety.

You could try a flat bar/box section straight across the back, rather than building the frame upwards like mine. That might make them too low though. I suppose you could cut the bar to length and sit the seat on top to see if it sits right.

99hjhm made some for his and shaped the bar at the front, so it bolted up in the middle but dropped down at the edges to let the front of the mk5 runners sit lower.

Hope that helps a bit.

You might also have more luck searching for fitting the seats into a mk4 Golf/Beetle/Bora/etc, as these have the same fitment as the Lupo and it may have been done more often.

I was actually thinking about this the other day because my girlfriend has a Beetle now and I was eyeing up some cheap Scirocco seats on eBay. They went up a lot though, as I expected. :(

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The ones in phils drawing is exactly how i did mine and they sit nice and low but you can still lift them up using the seat mech

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That's the kind of thing I was trying to explain. Good to see it works. Wish I knew it was that simple before I paid a fortune to get my ones made up! After fitting some Volvo seats in our T5 it's made me a lot more confident with stuff like this.

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Thanks guys, I have currently just fitted them to a set of lupo bases, but their sat that little bit too high.

Just ordering some steel to do the mounts as above, and hopefully it will be ok then. I may have to add to risers to get a nice height but I will get there.

Tehn just to trim the rears to match :)

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