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my lupo 20v turbo conversion

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Fe more little jobs been done , manifold fitted changed the oil (millers 5w 40). Brakes and clutch all connected up now new bleed nipples here used ap racing prf660 fluid. Power steering fluid come to

they are loud but i wanted it to be little different to everyone else car think its guna look cool fingers crossed a some pictures off the hubs being built up

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Thanks can't wait to get it out , going to pick bumpers mirrors and bonnet up from paint today then just waiting on dvla

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Little job done today made some bonnet raisers ready to fit bonnet now . Also logbook came back so can sort tax out now for 1st of May and test



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Final got bonnet back on and few little jobs around the car , few little bits left but at the mo it's having a good machine polish to get some the swirls out . Still a few marks that I can't get out but it's 13 years old a few things that I can do in winter .


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hi there guys , bought my self a little 1.0e lupo about 12 months ago to run round with plans to convert to a 20v. this time has now come after sorting another car to drive as a daily. got daisy from a bury 1 owner from new well looked after etc and at bargin and the name daisy well that was what they called it and had stickers on the boot lol.

i do have afew pics when i got it , first thing was to lose the wheels and get it lowered , porsche teledails and coilovers came .

now to work out how to upload pics

any ideas guys

started by removing the front end ,then to the engine and gear box.

once this was done wanted to give a good cean and remove subframe etc

i purchased some g60 front brakes been full refurbed and painted pink :yes:

polo gti hubs stripped down and powder coat new bearings fitted

red stuff pads

grooved disc

subframe off and powder coated

new track rod ends

new inner tie robs and boots

new bottom arms and ball joints

anti roll bar powdercoated and uprated new bushes

new bolts from vw for shocks hubs subframe etc

lupo gti rear beam purchased from thissy once i get it guna strip it down for paint and new all

o the joys of putting it all back togeather and start mounting soon.

back soon with update and hopefuly pictures if i find out how to get them up .

speak soon


you've gone for g60 brakes, can you use others say like the golf gti's / seat leon fr's from doner car or don't they fit?

what rear callipers you using, lupo polo gti's?

is it the same situation with the hubs?

oh and ive been told to swop out the clutch for a single mass / g60 combo (duel mass are known for been softer than ice cream) is this what your doing or sticking with standard?

im very interested in your opinion as im collecting the parts for the conversion for a planned install during winter

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ive got another couple of questions for you

1. how much roughly did the engines weight lower the car as ill be running big wheels and very little drop because of the 12 speed bumps I need to cross to get off my estate so a couple of inch sump clearance might be a bit of a pain in the ass

2. did you need to fit the bonnet risers or was that a style choice?

3. was the intercooler a custom job or is their a off the shelve option?

4. can you still fit the inner archers in?

thanks for any help


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Few pics from today after I rapped the roof which didn't come out as I wanted as the rap had funny creases in the clear layer strange but do til new one comes .

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