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  1. Few bits changed on the lupo this year. Wide arches wheels Lower And the wrap on roof
  2. Right few new plans for this year change the look and style a little out and maybe some fresh trim inside . Might also go for show and shine this year so few engine parts need painting etc .
  3. Cheers mate could do with wider really still looking in to single center lock conversion. Just in talks with someone
  4. lupohunty

    wide wheels

    Hi guys ladies I'm after going 10 inch wide wheels et0 15 or 16 inch any ideas on wheels struggling to find any . Maybe a custom set will have to be made but don't really want splits to be honest. Going to go Down route or arches etc and want sumat like rota grid style rims. Also looking maybe going single nuts coversion if can find all this that will work together . Any help be very much appreciated regards dan
  5. Me to been a while now but she don't like getting wet lol. How's yours getting on
  6. Hi guysBeen away from here for a while doing other cars so not done much with the lupo. Just give it another service so since built it's it had 4 over 1400 miles.Getting her ready for first show of the year ultimate dubs in march booked it for full correction and detail with gtechnics coatings .Let's hope weather good she not been wet yet since built.Cheers guys Cheers
  7. A link to all types Lupo first show as she looked well
  8. Few picks on it's first day out give her a quick wash and polish , so I think next trip out is all types show for me .
  9. Few pics from today after I rapped the roof which didn't come out as I wanted as the rap had funny creases in the clear layer strange but do til new one comes .
  10. Will p'm you in a while with some info cheers bud
  11. Haven't yet sorry only ones Iv got Iv put up but bonnet not shut fully
  12. Final got bonnet back on and few little jobs around the car , few little bits left but at the mo it's having a good machine polish to get some the swirls out . Still a few marks that I can't get out but it's 13 years old a few things that I can do in winter .
  13. Little job done today made some bonnet raisers ready to fit bonnet now . Also logbook came back so can sort tax out now for 1st of May and test
  14. Few more bits to bolt on bonnet mirrors etc then Afew days of cleaning buffing etc
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